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wine cellar /ˈwīn ˌselər/
1. wine cellar;  plural wine cel·lars

. a cellar in which wine is stored.
. a stock of wine.

The word “wine cellar” – When you say it or hear it is such a cool word. It invokes visions of a dimly lit room with beautifully aligned symmetrical shelves with casks and oak barrels. If you have cellar in your home or have visited one at a winery or possibly have visited our cellar here at Nino’s you know what I’m talking about.
A cellar is a must for any wine enthusiast. It can be a thousand bottles in size or a hundred of your favorites like mine ?.

A wine cellar is a great way to store wine safely at the perfect temperature. Approximately 95% of wine is meant to be consumed young, leaving just a small percentage that are age worthy. When aging a wine you have to take into consideration the structure of the wine and the four traits that a wine needs to age, They are high acidity, tannin, alcohol and residual sugar. Sweet wine and dessert wine have the longest capability to age because of the high sugar levels.

Although many of our guests are very familiar with our cellar, a few of our guests are quite surprised that it even exists.
If you are looking for a special bottle for the serious wine drinker and you are not sure what to select, here at Nino’s we are always here to help. Come and take a peek inside our wide selection from all over the world.
Here are a couple of examples of what we have.

Vietti Barolo Castiglione 2012

Made with 100% Nebbiolo
On the nose this wine expresses pomegranate, red cherry and wild flowers ending with a slight spiciness.
Drink now through 2032


Caparzo Brunello Di Montalcino La Casa 2010

To best describe this wine would be hearty rich and tannic with plenty of cherry and strawberry fruit.
Best to drink from 2018 through 2035

Chateau Pedesclaux Pauillac Bordeaux 2014

On the nose this wine exhibits blackberry, fig and tobacco with earthy, vanilla and toasty notes ending with firm powerful tannins.
Drink now through 2024

Dow’s 2000 Vintage Port

The aroma displays flowers, licorice, blackberries and cassis. Full bodied, sweet and refined. Will age very gracefully.

Drink from 2012 and can age up to 50+ years.
Dow's 2000

I hope you found this helpful and I look forward to seeing you in our Nino’s wine cellar.



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