We Support Our Communities

Each of our stores supports richly diverse neighborhoods with their
own demands for unique ingredients, prepared homestyle meals
and customer service. No matter who you are, you’re welcome at
Nino’s. And if you think we’re missing any foods your community
values, we’ll do our best to stock them for you. Let us know!

Giving Back!

We thank our customers for their loyalty by supporting local organizations, schools and charities on a regular basis. Our founder, Nino Salvaggio, was a tough businessman with a soft heart. In his name, the Nino Salvaggio Foundation for Children in Need has donated over $1 million over the years to worthy children’s causes. We proudly accept donations on Nino’s behalf.


Our employees come from

The neighborhoods we serve

We’ve provided jobs—and even careers—for thousands of people of all ages, skill sets and long-term ambitions. In challenging times like the present, we always have positions available regardless of individual backgrounds or beliefs.


The Best Quality at Competitive Prices

Our goal, and perhaps the thing we work harder at than anything else, is to offer the lowest pricing possible without compromising the quality you’ve come to expect from us.

We’re constantly pushing our vendors to improve both price and quality. We regularly shop our competitors and adjust our margins to make sure that a shopping basket at Nino’s costs no more than anywhere else, and we’re always improving our efficiency through training and capital investments that promote lower pricing.


Specials and Rewards

To Choose Every Time You Shop

Our Marketplace Specials and Fresh Rewards are updated every week and provide outstanding savings, thanks to lower margins and specially negotiated deals with our vendors. We’re proud of the way our vendors have stepped up to bring down your grocery bills.


This Week’s Specials


This Week’s Rewards

Under the leadership of Chef Peter Loren, Nino’s has earned a reputation as a go-to source of information on ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques.

The example he sets for our entire staff, and the training he provides, helps everyone at Nino’s respond with courtesy and friendliness to your questions—from what’s on the shelf to how to keep your family healthy and satisfied, from breakfast to midnight snacks.

We’ve put a great deal of information online in our searchable posts and recipe pages. And we encourage you to ask our staff for help with product and ingredient selection, food preparation ideas, seasonal recipes and anything else that comes to mind while planning your meals.

Each department has experts available, and we’ll direct you to them as needed. Please visit them in-store or write to us.

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We’re Gen Z, Millenials,
Boomers and Beyond

Our staff and our customers span many generations. We value them all. We not only strive to provide the different products you need, but we also help you shop the way you want to shop.

From contactless online shopping to in-store advisors and party planners, from prepared foods and recipes that help those lacking time or cooking confidence, to single-serve options and sophisticated ingredients, from high tech to high touch, Nino’s keeps up with the times and preserves values all generations cherish.

We believe courtesy, hard work and respect for the value of a hard-earned dollar are why so many new customers find a home in our stores, and why so many experienced shoppers make Nino’s their shopping destination for decades.

If ever we can do something special for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.