The Freshest Produce

Nobody does fresh like Nino’s. This morning, like EVERY morning since 1978, our produce buyers visited Detroit’s produce terminals before dawn to inspect, cut, smell, squeeze and sample overnight deliveries from farms all over Michigan and points far beyond. That’s a claim no other grocer can make without crossing their fingers!

With the relationships we’ve built and the quantities we buy, vendors often set aside their best products for our customers. Sure, it would be easier to phone in our orders and go back to sleep, or to accept programmed deliveries from regional warehouses, but if we did that, we wouldn’t be Nino’s!

All Other Departments

In addition to fresh produce, we offer very broad product selection that delights our customers with every basket they fill! In addition to dairy, coffee and a large grocery goods selection, here are just a few of our other departments.


Butcher Shop

We’re proud of the neighborhood butcher shop experience at Nino’s. Offering organic, all natural 60-day dry-aged beef, hand-cut steaks, chops and custom-cut meats, our professional butchers will help you select your meats and cut, grind, filet and even prep them to order at no additional cost. Or select one of many ready-to-go options that are always available. We offer hormone and preservative-free Bell & Evans poultry products and Creekstone Farms prime beef products.

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Seafood and Sushi

We carry a broad selection of whole fish, fillets and shellfish culled from waters around the world. Our Fresh Flavor Fillets™ selections are seasoned, pre-marinated and prepared easily right at home. You’ll also find finishing butters, homemade cocktail sauce, crab, tuna and salmon cakes, seafood salads, and smoked and salted fish. Sushi fans take note: our fresh, flavorful sushi is masterfully prepared in-store daily.

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We offer a huge selection of Salvaggio’s brand pastries, desserts and gourmet artisan bread loaves fresh from our own ovens. Our bakers and pastry chefs prepare unique artisan cakes, special occasion cakes and other mouthwatering desserts. We also carry items from other bakeries of the highest caliber. Choose from international goods that you’d have to comb the town to find: scones, soda breads, baklava, clothespins, chalachy. All sinfully good and worth every bite!

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Deli and Cheese

Enjoy our vast selection of domestic and imported cold cuts, and dried, smoked and cured sausages. We have an unrivaled selection of over 300 cheeses, and all are hand-cut in our store to order! You’ll find uncommon varieties of goat cheese as well as Brie selections; brun-uusto, a baked cheese from Finland and Sweden; and sapsago, a fat-free cheese from Switzerland. Italian cheeses include Academia Barilla Parmesan-Reggiano and Asiago, both fresh and aged. And domestic brands like Boar’s Head, Sara Lee, Dearborn Sausage and Kowalski are always available. Sampling encouraged!

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Floral and Gift

Floral departments in all our stores provide a range of gorgeous fresh flowers from around the globe, as well as bouquets and vases for every budget and occasion (weddings are a specialty)! Ask our expert floral designers to create a custom bouquet for your home or as a special gift. Other gifts, including a wide range of hostess gift and home décor items are always on display.

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Wine and Liquor

We stock a stellar collection of rare and hard-to-find wines in our vintage cellars (10% off any purchase of four or more)! Our sommelier and trained staff will happily offer personalized wine recommendations and will even pair a selection with the food in your cart. And in our Troy and Clinton Township stores, you’ll find one of the most complete selections of vodka, rum, whiskey and gins in Southeast Michigan, not to mention the lowest prices — guaranteed!

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Gourmet to Go

Let our chefs do the cooking tonight! Choose from a tantalizing selection of entrees, vegetables and starch accompaniments available throughout the store. Many of these products are sold under our Nino’s Marketplace brand, and all are prepared in-store by our expertly trained chefs. Mmm! Plump and juicy rotisserie chickens, homemade soups and sauces, Take n’ Bake pizzas, lip-smacking dips, luscious spreads, chilled salads and much, much more.

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Only at Nino’s:

A Range of Products You Can ONLY Find Here

In addition to fresh produce, we offer very broad product selection that delights our customers with every basket they fill! In addition to dairy, coffee and a large grocery goods selection, here are just a few of our other departments.


Salvaggio’s Baked Goods

Our bakeries have been turning out fresh loaves of bread, cakes, pies and cookies for generations. In 2001, we created the Salvaggio’s label to represent that goodness, and in 2019, we opened our Artisan Bread Bakery to bring the craft of “old world” artisanal loaves, made with natural, wild yeasts and whole grain wholesomeness to a new generation of Nino’s customers. The Salvaggio’s brand has honored the tradition of fine baked goods for over two decades.


Nino’s Marketplace: Gourmet To Go!

Home cooks looking for an easy meal solution need look no further than the Nino’s Marketplace label. Products with this badge are ready to eat or heat just as they come. From our pot pies and quiches to prepared chicken, soups, by-the-pound foods at our counters and more, your family will enjoy wholesome and delicious options that will have them coming back for more!


Northern Smoke Authentic BBQ

Slowly smoke-roasted with locally sourced hardwoods in our state-of-the-art barbecue ovens, Nino’s Northern Smoke brand BBQ meats are complemented with delicious side dishes like baked beans, coleslaw and more. Made with our pit master’s own special recipes, all are guaranteed to make you lick your fingers twice!


Salvaggio’s Traditions Artisanal Products

When it comes to shelf-stable sauces, dressings, spices and coffee, you’ll find no better quality than Salvaggio’s Traditions. Everything that goes into these products is based on our own recipes and specifications, and these products routinely outsell their national brand competitors on our shelves!


The Butcher Shop at Nino Salvaggio

Nobody offers a curated line of prepared meat products like Nino’s! These bacons, sausages, hot dogs and more are of the highest quality, consistently delicious and available at a value the national brands simply can’t match.


Bocca Dolce Sweets

We named this line based on the Italian for “Sweet Mouth.” No wonder! This collection of confectionary treats includes such scrumptious goodies as pecan snappers, salted caramels, chocolate marshmallow treats, chocolate-covered pretzels, raisin clusters, peppermint patties and more, more more! You’ll fall in love with the taste, and the value pricing makes it sweeter still.

Supporting Our

Michigan Family

Michigan has always been famous for her farms and dairies, her orchards and vineyards, her soil and the hardworking people working to make it productive.

Nino’s is proud to seek out products from all over our great state, supporting the families and small businesses that produce them. You’ll find them marked on our shelves with a special Made in Michigan tag!