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Michigan sweet corn is at its peak for sweetness in August and September. The corn that is harvested at the end of the season is always the sweetest of the year and can’t be beat!


Corn Farm_MIWe have a great group of local farmers growing a large variety of homegrown vegetables for our stores during the summer months. Each of the farmers we work with has particular vegetables they have specialized in growing over generations of farming. We have two of the best corn farmers in the state of Michigan growing sweet corn for us here at Nino Salvaggio’s. Tom Wolak and his family along with Dave Rudich and his family have supplied us with the best homegrown sweet corn for 30 years, enabling us to provide our customers with the highest-quality sweet corn possible. Be sure to visit the recipe section of our website for some neat ideas on ways to prepare local sweet corn.

So the next time you’re in one of our stores shopping, be sure to grab a dozen pieces of sweet corn or your other favorite Michigan-grown vegetables. Before we know it, Labor Day will have passed and summer will be coming to an end, signaling the end of the Michigan growing season. Be sure to take advantage of the last opportunities we’ll have to enjoy the great produce from Michigan.

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