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私は寿司が好き (I love Sushi)
誰が寿司を愛していません (Who does not love Sushi?)

The sushi craze is definitely happening, especially at the Mon Jin Lau Sushi Bar here at Nino’s. It is made fresh daily and you can choose from a large assortment. You can even order it and watch how they make it.

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Sushi can be a little challenging and intimidating to pair with wine, especially with all the different toppings and fillings that can be either mild or spicy and sometimes a little sweet. When pairing wine with raw fish, sparkling wines are a perfect match for the combination of the effervescence from the bubbles and the tart acidity. I would recommend a Pinot Noir with Salmon on the Beach roll. It complements the smoky sweet, salty taste of the salmon. For the extra-spicy sushi, you need a wine that can cut through the spice like a Riesling or a Gewurztraminer.

Here are a couple of my recommendations.

Banyan Gewurztraminer 2015, Monterey County, California

This Gewurztraminer is light and crisp with lots of fruit. It’s balanced and refreshing with bright aromatics.



Poppy Pinot Noir 2013, Monterey County, California

This Pinot Noir is a complex and balanced wine with beautiful color. It’s fruit forward, with spicy undertones, rich, vibrant and balanced.

Poppy Pinot 201

Roederer Estate Brut

This delicious sparkler is crisp and elegant with pear and spice flavors. It’s fresh and fruity with great finesse and flavor.


Wine is complex, and so is sushi. I hope this was helpful.


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