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As I sit in my comfy basement sipping a hot cup of Lady Grey Tea on this chilly, rainy day, I think, Wow, I can’t wait to sit in the sun and sip on all of the fabulously fun and generally fruity beers spring and summer have to offer. Can you imagine what the brewers must think when all these beers go into production? I can just hear them, “Well, Bill, I know there’s 10 feet of snow on the ground, and the door is frozen shut, but people will be waiting in long lines to get the first sip of our summer beer. We owe it to them to get going! Now, hand me that blow torch!” Unlike the dark, rich bourbon; rum; and heck, even wine-barrel-aged stouts and porters of the winter, summer beers are best enjoyed at the beach, on the patio, or near some chlorinated body of water.

Founders Rϋbaeus:

The vibrant color of magenta, Rϋbæus is a celebration of summer’s bounty. Made with lush, ripe raspberries added in stages with a hefty amount of malt for balance, this beer is sweet but tart and as refreshing as a sun shower in the middle of July.


Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen:

Before Leinenkugel put shandies–beer mixed with fruit juice–on the map, the Germans had been doing it for years. Schofferhofer makes an incredibly thirst-quenching grapefruit shandy that is sweet but crisp and reminiscent of Squirt! At only 2.5% alcohol by volume, you won’t have to worry about having too many.



Kona Brewing Company Big Wave:

The brewers at Kona work hard and play hard. They wanted to make a beer that was easy drinking and refreshing after a long day out in the water. Lightly hopped, with caramel malts and a smooth finish, the Big Wave is flavorful and tasty.


New Holland White Hatter:

Fermented with chamomile, coriander and grains of paradise, this is a surprisingly layered and delicious wheated pale ale. Citrusy hops of the pale ale and the fruity tropical banana notes of a Belgian white ale combine for a bold flavorful beer that is bright as sunshine.


As soon as the snow flurries subside and the thermometer reads above 60, it will be time to dust off the patio furniture, blow up the pool raft, break out the cooler and fill it with these beers. These beers, light crisp, fun and fruity, will be the hit of every summer party you have this year!

Jennifer Laurie



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