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As far back as I can remember we have always had lobster for dinner on New Year’s. It was a way to celebrate the year gone by and get the good vibes going for the New Year. To be 100% honest as my Dad, Mom and I cracked, slurped and gobbled up the sweet lobster meat; my highly allergic sister would be eating a prime cut of beef… in the basement… Perhaps this seems cruel, but she would always have someone over to eat with and enjoyed her New Year’s meal.  So if you’re like “most” of my family, and love to eat shell fish on the holiday, or you’re like my sister and like a hearty cut of prime rib or filet mignon, here are my picks for what wines to serve this New Year’s.


Chateau La Cariziere Muscadet Sevre et Maine Loire Valley, France

I’ll never forget the year I found a pearl in my oyster at New Year’s. That year I found out my daughter Margaux was on her way and hence her name, which means Pearl in French. There’s nothing I love more with oysters than Muscadet. Bright, flinty and bone dry, the La Cariziere is done in a Sur Lie style, so it has a bit of body to it.

Kentia Albarino, Rias Baixas, Spain

Mussels, Clams, and Shrimp oh my! Albarino is the perfect pairing for these guys any time of the year. I just recently tried the Kentia and was wowed by the price! Flavors of white citrus and pears round out the finish; and for $12.99, it’s an aromatic, fresh white that makes these mollusks and crustaceans sing!

Domaine Thibert Macon-Prisse, France

If you have a guest coming to dinner that loves to say “ABC!” – Anything But Chardonnay – have fun fooling them, or changing their mind with this white Burgundy. Steely and floral, I am in love with this divinely elegant French white. There is a creamy texture to the wine that shows expert wine-making and the white floral notes along with pear, apple and light hints of lime will have you fall too! Drink this with cream sauce seafood dishes or with Alaskan King Crab.

Waugh Chardonnay Russian River, California

This Chardonnay has a fragrant nose of white flowers, mango and citrus and the texture of this wine is magnificent. Generally using malolactic fermentation, Ryan Waugh of Waugh Cellars achieves a velvety mouthfeel by stirring the wine on its lees and then aging it in used oak barrels to let the vineyard-driven freshness of the grape shine through. Citrus and tropical fruit flavors lead to a bright, lasting finish. This is a white wine that would stand up to meat dishes with classic creamy sauces, but what really makes a perfect pairing is lobster.

Brazos de los Andes Red Blend Uco Valley, Argentina 

I knew I wanted to sell this wine when I saw the brightly colored label and I was just praying that the wine was as striking as the art work; I wasn’t disappointed. The nose is robust and intense with black floral and fruit notes. Blueberry, spice, and a finish that is long, rich and dry, this red would put a smile on anyone’s face; even if you have to eat in the basement.

New Year’s Eve holds many traditions for my family. I hope you and your family have enjoyed reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!


Jennifer Laurie 


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