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Cheesecake, coffee, cookies, and even wine become pumpkin-flavored this time of year. The beer drinkers, much like little Linus freezing in the cold pumpkin patch, wait for the Great Pumpkin of beer. Some are light and easy drinking whereas others are rich and hearty with sweet pie notes. All of these delightful beers are Michigan-made, so you can rejoice in supporting local breweries.

Griffin Claw Screaming Pumpkin
Many of us have been waiting all year for this! Screaming Pumpkin hasn’t been in the market since Great Lakes Brewery went the way of the dodo, and it’s just as good as we remember. Malty, with loving aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, the pumpkin flavor is more pie than fresh, with just a hint of ginger. This is going to be in short supply, so get it while you can!Griffin_Claw

Green Bush Unicorn Killer
Stylistically lighter than the rest, the Unicorn Killer is easy drinking and session-able. Featuring more fresh pumpkin taste with clove and nutmeg, it also has a higher alcohol content and light hop character.

Unicorn Killer

Arcadia Jaw-Jacker
If your jaw is getting jacked, it would be by the overriding cinnamon flavor. Featuring medium sweetness and body, it’s tasty with caramel, allspice, and toasty bread notes. Smooth and crisp, this is a good one for parties since it is not too overwhelming but still delivers on the tastes of the season.


New Holland Ichabod
Spicy and fragrant, this is my favorite every year. Light backbone of fresh pumpkin, with loads of pumpkin pie spices like nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. Not overly sweet, there are still malty barley flavors that make this a beer drinker’s flavored beer choice.


The season is short, and you only have a limited time to try all of these terrific beers. Other than the Michigan ones I have listed, we also carry Blue Moon, Shipyard Pumpkin Head, Buffalo Bills, Sam Adams and a wide variety of other seasonal brews! Which are your favorite pumpkin beers?

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