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Even though this winter seemed never-ending, with temperatures below zero and blizzards in the beginning of March, I am still reeling from the fact that Easter is right around the corner! It’s a bit early this year, falling right on the first Sunday of April, but with the sunny days we’ve been having, I’m warming up to the idea of crawling into the attic and fishing out the Easter baskets. Just thinking of the vibrantly pink plastic trim reminds me of the fresh, cotton-candy-colored Rosés that have been finding their way into the cellar for evaluation. Whether they’re salmon, fuchsia, or blush in color, rosé always ends up on my dinner table at Easter, but it’s never alone. Accompanying it will be fun, fruity wines to counter the salty quality of ham and elegant, earthy reds for lamb. Perhaps we will even have a rich red blend.

Here are our Easter picks!

Sequin Pinot Grigio, Rosé and Moscato

These wines just sing out that spring is here! Lightly effervescent, fruity and fun, they are the perfect complement to an adult Easter basket or brunch table-scape. The Pinot Grigio is bright and crisp, with fresh-picked tree fruit flavors and fresh-squeezed citrus. Soft, with balanced sweetness, the Rosé exhibits strawberry, pink citrus and a hint of lychee. The sweetest of the three is the Moscato which pairs excellently with fruit tarts and angel food cake. Delicately peachy with honey suckle and candied citrus, it’s lively and fresh.


Marquis de la Tour

New to Nino’s, Marquis de la Tour is your new mimosa maker. The Brut is made with Ugni Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Chardonnay, making it a bit softer and less acidic than typical Champagne. The Demi-Sec is comprised of the same makeup. However, it is fruitier and has a sweeter finish. The Rosé is fruit forward but dry and crisp in the finish, with notes of berry. Mix them in cocktails or serve them chilled and straight up. Either way, they will be a hit!


Landmark Vineyards Overlook Pinot Noir California 2012

53% San Luis Obispo, 40% Sonoma, 7% Monterey County, and 100% delicious, Landmark Pinot Noir is something special. The winemakers at Landmark decided to pick from California’s best regions for Pinot Noir instead of just one. These cool climate regions give acidity and structure to the wine while ten months of French oak barrel aging gives it soft, velvety tannins. Plum, summertime strawberry, spiced cherry, a slight hint of orange zest and star anise are all components that make up this flavorful, complex wine. This pick will pair with both ham and lamb.


Precessi Napa Red Blend Oak Knoll California 2007

I love telling the story of the first time I tried Precessi Napa Red. Our vendor told us he had a 2007 red blend from Oak Knoll, and we were like, “A 2007? Where the heck did they find that?” And then we tasted it. I looked at Simone, the Clinton Township Wine Manager, she looked at me, and we looked at the vendor and asked, “How much of this do you have?” Between the stores, we bought every bottle they had. It features bold, full-bodied, silky tannins; rich, blackberry pie fruits; and underlying anise, baking spice and toasty oak. We were floored at the complexity and balance this wine has for its price! If you are having lamb or any other red meat for Easter, this wine would be a wonderful complement.


These are just a few of the amazing wines we have stocking our shelves. If you are looking for something to wow at your Easter dinner, stop into one of our stores. We will help you find the perfect wine!

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