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Many years ago in my youth, before working in the wine business, my favorite alcoholic beverage was, wait for it…

Yes, I admit it! It was White Zinfandel with a splash of 7UP®. We have all had our unusual or funny cocktails that we thought were it in the past!

This is what happened years later when I discovered Riesling.

Sometimes Riesling gets a bad rap for being just another sweet wine. This is totally not true! With its racy acidity, it can be dry or sweet and provide a delicious complement to a large assortment of food. Overall, it is not a taste everyone is accustomed to. Most of the time, it is neglected on the wine shelf because of the high demand for the fuller, richer whites that are more popular.

Let’s visit some of my favorite Rieslings from around the world!

Germany makes some of the most outstanding Rieslings.

I recommend St. Antonius Kreuznacher Kronenberg from the Nahe region. These particular wines are Qualitätswein Prädikatswein, meaning no sugar can be added. Here are the Prädikatswein levels:


Light semi-dry from normally ripened grapes


Late harvest, medium sweetness with more body and flavor


Selectively picked ripe bunches of grapes, intense in bouquet and taste



Verterra Late Harvest Riesling: Michigan

Long, lingering aromas of apple and peach with a medium sweetness. I felt like I was back home in rainy England when I visited this charming tasting room in the historic downtown of Leland, Michigan, on an October afternoon. The only thing missing was the rain.

 Vertara Winery

Trimbach Riesling: Alsace, France

One of my favorite wines with sushi and sashimi! It has a delicate, dry personality with white peach pineapple and a little citrus.


Please don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try this amazing grape, enhanced by its intense and sizzling acidity.







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