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Autumn is here. The leaves are slowly starting to change colors, the pumpkin patches are full and the pumpkin stands are out everywhere. I can smell the freshly dipped caramel apples that are decorated so beautifully here in the produce department.

It is this time of year I love sitting around a bonfire in the crisp fall air and sipping on a mug of hot, fresh apple cider to warm me up.

I have been enjoying ciders for many years. My first taste was back in England with my first sip of Woodpecker English cider. I fell in love with the slightly sweet, sparkly apple taste. Then I moved on to Ye Olde English cider, which is slightly stronger and dryer, and after that was my hometown football team “Leeds United” sponsored Strongbow cider.

Cider is an alcoholic drink made from fermented fruit, typically apples. These days, it seems like you can use just about any fruit.

Here are some of my favorites:

Tandem Smackintosh Cider:

From the Leelanau Peninsula in Northern Michigan. Just like the name, it will literally make your lips smack together with its tangy, sweet taste.




Vandermill Blue Gold: Spring Lake-Michigan:

Never mind Blue Gold! I would call this liquid gold! This is one of my favorites. It’s delicately sweet in the beginning, ending with a blast of blueberry cobbler.

Blue Gold

Crispin Natural Hard Pear Cider: Colfax California:

Made all natural with 100% pear juice, it’s slightly sweet with a crisp pear character.


It is amazing how cider has exploded on the scene over the last couple of years. The choices and varieties are awesome. Ciders aren’t for everyone, but if you haven’t tried cider, please come by Nino’s and check out our great selection. You won’t be disappointed.








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