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Winter is here and it’s getting really cold. One of the things I enjoy is to sit in front of the fireplace and sip on some brandy after dinner. For some reason, I  associate brandy with winter time. I guess that’s because it warms me right up.

Brandy was and still is used for medicinal purposes. There is nothing like a shot of brandy to help soothe a common cold (This is not medically proven) It is used for cooking and can be enjoyed in your favorite cocktail or just on the rocks. Brandy is typically sweeter than whiskey and can have the characteristics of flowers and fresh dried fruit. One type of brandy is the brandy that is made of grapes, which is the most popular. Fruit brandy (Eau De Vie) is made from different types of fruit, such as Apple Jack or Calvados, which are made from apples. Grappa is a Pomace brandy made by distilling the grape skins, seeds, and stems left over from wine making.

Here are some of the Brandy selections we carry here at Nino’s.

Piave Grappa- Conegliano Veneto- Italy

From the famous wine growing area of Conegliano; This white Grappa exhibits aromatic fruit flavors that warms you up after a tasty meal.


Asbach Uralt Brandy- Germany

Asbach is one of the most famous of brandy names and aged in Limousin casks. It’s delicious with a mild sweetness of plums, nuts, and ends with a subtle almond taste.


Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Casks

If you like your Cognac, then this is one to try. Aged in toasted oak barrels, with delicious flavors of plum, fig, toffee, butterscotch and dark chocolate with a creamy aftertaste. I like to serve this on the rocks or in my favorite cocktail.




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