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One of the more popular health trends in recent years has been the movement towards more natural, less processed or unprocessed foods. From fancy restaurants to fast food restaurants, corner markets to national chains grocers, Chef’s, food scientists, nutritionists and culinary “entrepreneurs” are answering the call by improving their menus and the landscape of the aisles you shop from to provide the delicious foods you enjoy every day.

Juice-CounterOne of the very best examples of this trend toward a healthier and less processed diet are fresh squeezed and fresh extracted juices. How many people enjoy fresh extracted juices? According to the Statistic Portal “Satistica”, retail sales of home juice extractors from 2010 to 2018 exceeded $570 million US Dollars. Now while most juice extractors do the job, the inconvenience of daily juicing, from prepping up to cleaning up makes all but the “hard core” juice mavens eventually relegate their expensive juicers to the back of the cupboard where you’ll also find their “fancy dishes” and “kitchen gadgets” from days gone by.

Enter Nino Salvaggio.

With all this interest in a more natural and healthier beverage alternative, yet the inconvenience of making them at home, it’s no wonder why Nino’s decided this past year to launch its own fresh juice program. What we are most proud of, and what many of the national brands of such juices just can’t do, is use fruits, vegetable and produce straight from our local terminal in Detroit, many of which are locally sourced right here in Michigan during the summer and fall months. In addition, our juices are produced and bottled daily, in each of our stores. Fresh, unprocessed, unpasteurized and delicious.

We created, tasted and tested so many delicious recipes. In the end, there were over 13 that we absolutely fell in love with but we eventually (and reluctantly) narrowed it down to 8 juices and 2 more concentrated “shots” that we introduced this past fall. Naming them? Well that’s another story.

Somehow, all the silly names for juice concoctions at the local and national “juiceries”, (the ones that you almost feel embarrassed to call them out loud), were (thankfully) all taken. We therefore took the bold and unusual step of just giving them each a number and listing what’s in them, right on the label face.

Just like the contents within, it’s simple and right to the point.

The juice blends are:

Blend # 2 Celery and Lime
• Blend # 3 Pear, Banana, Strawberry
• Blend # 9 Blueberry and Strawberry
• Blend # 17 Apple, Cucumber, Spinach
• Blend # 18 Carrot
• Blend # 20 Apple, Beet, Carrot
• Blend # 22 Pineapple, Orange, Mango
• Blend # 27 Beet

And our “shots” are;

• Blend #5 Citrus, Honey Shot (Grapefruit, Orange, Organic Cider, Vinegar & Honey)
• Blend #10 Sunrise Spice Shot (Apple, Lemon, Orange Turmeric, Ginger Root and Thai Hot Chili Pepper)

Juice blends are 16 fl. oz. retail at $3.99 ea. to $5.99 ea. and our potent 4 fl. oz. Shots retail at $2.99 ea.

Health proponents extoll the virtues of fresh squeezed and extracted juices and they’re no doubt a beverage trend that’s on the rise, and here to stay.
Stop by any of our 4 Nino’s locations and look for these juices in our refrigerated cases or on ice. The tastes are fabulous, the convenience, unbeatable.

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