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Salt, chemically is NaCl…Sodium Cloride…but, having said that, all salts aren’t created equal. Some salts are iodized, some are from the earth, some are from the ocean, some are mined and some are created through evaporation.

More recently, salt has gained a reputation as an ingredient used as much for texture and a secondary flavor as for its former “saltiness” value.

Enter the category “Finishing” salts. At Nino’s we carry a number of Finishing Salts, and you can find them in our dry Herb Spice locations. Finishing salts are, as the name implies, used at or near the end of food preparations, and not always in recipes the way you might expect. For example, a Citrus Salt might be sprinkled on a salad, a Smoked Salt on a grilled salmon fillet or a Rosemary Salt on a lamb roast.

Another salient fact is that Finishing Salts typically are unusually large crystals, flakes or shapes meant to dissolve in your mouth with a “crunch” and a melt that delivers its salinity at just the right moment in the taste experience.  A real departure from salt in its usual supporting role. Salt has now become a leading character on the plate.

Falksalt Crystal Flakes are Natural Sea Salt Flakes from Sweden imported to this country by a local Southfield, Michigan distributor. Look for this new and exciting salt on our shelves soon and discover for yourself this new taste experience!

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