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Nothing beats the taste and smell of fresh Corn Tortilla Chips, and if you’ve never had them, once you do, you’ll wonder where they’ve been your whole life. The difference is like Noche y dia (night and day).

Just this week, Nino’s Gourmet to Go Department quietly but proudly, introduced our new “Fresh” Corn Tortilla Chips at the Troy Store location. (…and soon to be at Clinton).

I suppose it was only natural, (and no surprise) that coming off the heels of our recent introduction of Nino’s fresh, homemade salsas that we’d partner them with these fantastic, new chips.

Ok….big deal, what’s so special??

Well, first, these corn tortillas are fresh!

Freshly made, freshly fried, freshly salted,… freshly bagged.

How fresh??

Like made right here in Detroit’s own Mexican Town at Hacienda Mexican Foods type fresh…

Like freshly fried in our own kitchens and bagged right here in the store…(I’ll bet you can just imagine….)

Who are Hacienda Mexican Foods??

Hacienda Mexican Foods has been producing authentic tortillas, taco shells, tortilla chips and tostadas for grocery stores, restaurants and foodservice establishments right here in town since the early ’90s. Their products were once sold only in the metro Detroit area, but are now available in more than 15 states and parts of Canada.

Lydia Gutierrez, Hacienda’s owner/operator, says the company was formed with only five employees in a 13,000 sq. ft. facility but presently employs more than 100 people in three facilities totaling more than 66,000 sq. ft. and just as quickly it became a leading manufacturer and distributor of authentic Mexican food products.

So much so that in 2009, Hacienda Mexican Foods LLC was recognized as one of 134 “Best of Michigan” companies by Corp! Magazine.

Of course, tasting, IS believing… which is why we invite you to try a bag the next time you’re visiting our store. You might even find out we’re sampling them when you stop by (Which we often do along with one of our 5 new freshly made salsas including: Traditional Mexican (in 2 heat levels, Medium and Hot), Salsa Verde, Mango Peach and Grilled Pineapple with Roasted Red Pepper).

Hasta pronto!

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