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Each Thanksgiving, I give thanks for the fact that unlike so many things in this world, turkeys (for the most part) are still the same.

There’s no “New and improved stuffing cavity!” You won’t find a package exclaiming, “Now more drumsticks than ever!” And very thankfully, you won’t see any e-turkeys or i-turkeys (at least not yet).

Still, the fact that a turkey is still a turkey doesn’t necessarily mean you can take for granted that it will be as tasty, juicy and tender as you’d like it to be on Thanksgiving Day. Turkeys need some help.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot to say about roasting, and more specifically, about roasting turkey. And honestly, I think people have gotten the message. But then, when the day of turkey reckoning comes (and this year, it’s the 28th), a lot of people just fall back into old habits.

The turkey gets cooked. It’s brown, it’s stuffed, it’s on the table. Mission accomplished.

Then, sometime after the last piece of pumpkin pie has disappeared, the inevitable turkey regrets creep into the conversation.

“Ya know, next year I think I’m going to _______.” (Fill in one of the below.)

1.  buy a fresh turkey
2.  brine my turkey
3.  roast my turkey without the stuffing
4.  roast it upside down for a while
5.  roast it at a lower temperature

If you remember having such thoughts, why not make next year, this year?


Of course, I’m not going to just say this and then walk away. I have a number of helpful tips from some of my previous blogs as well as simple videos that provide all the information and practical advice you need to cook a delicious (and tender) bird this year.

And here are the direct links to some of the highlights:

If you know for certain that one way or another your Thanksgiving Day turkey is going to make it to the dinner table, and if you know that one way isn’t cutting it, it’s time to try another approach. Check out my tips and videos, and let me know how your bird turns out this year.


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