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In a city known globally for automobiles, Detroit also knows Pizza. In fact, two of the top four Pizza companies on the planet (Domino’s and Little Caesars) are headquartered right here in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

And it all makes perfect sense. Detroit is a hard working town with great family traditions AND values. It also knows a great food value when it sees one.

Pizza and Detroit was a natural fit.

But, it was once thought, that if you’re going to make pizzas in Detroit, you were limited to just two options.

1. Make it cheap.


2. Make it great.

Nick is spreading the sauce like the expert he is!

Nick is spreading the sauce like the expert he is!

Nino’s we found a way to do both! Starting with our fresh dough made daily in our Artisan Commissary from specially milled flour. Our sauce is ALSO made in house made from the sweetest, richest California Stanislaus field ripened tomatoes and our own “secret” recipe with just the right blend of herbs & spices… not too sweet, not too spicy and definitely not “commercial”.

Our cheese blend has both a perfect melt AND taste, and our toppings?? How about Margherita brand pepperoni and Nino’s own, fresh, store made Italian Sausage for starters. And if you want to know how fresh our produce is, just walk our aisles. You can’t just beat THAT kind of freshness!


And lastly, convenience. Nino’s Take n’ Bake pizzas are hot and ready whenever you’re ready. Not when the door bell rings. Just pop them in the oven and discover the delicious difference that baking a pizza from fresh not frozen makes. And all starting at just $2.99!

Pizza with Quality and Value. A Detroit tradition, a Nino’s tradition since 1979.

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