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Never underestimate the importance of presentation. It is true that we eat with our eyes. An inviting table, laden with beautiful cheese and paired with the perfect wine, can become the focal point for your next party. Planning ahead and working with the Nino Salvaggio Cheese Experts will allow you to take your cheese display from ordinary to spectacular! Here are a few suggestions:


Consider the flavors that will complement your event and/or your meal. Are you looking for soft, delicate cheeses; firm-to-hard cheeses with a robust flavor; or a combination of both?


Once you have decided on the flavor profile of your cheeses, consider the beverages that will complement the cheeses you have selected. Obviously wine and cheese are a perfect couple, but would a nice, light, bubbly champagne go better with the theme of your event? Would a sparkling water be a better choice?


Again, an inviting display will entice your guests to visit the cheese table and partake of the delicious choices. Make your cheese cuts interesting. Maybe you want to make a bold statement by leaving a whole or large piece of cheese in the center of your table with a small cheese knife so that your guests can help themselves. The texture of the cheese is more evident in larger pieces. Also, leaving the rinds on the aged cheeses gives them an artisan appeal. Cube or slice some cheeses. Mix up the display with smooth and crumbly textures.


Make some simple signs to display next to your selections. Provide the name of the cheese, and if you’re feeling inspired, you can also add some information about the taste and texture of the different cheeses to help familiarize your guests with any lesser-known selections.

Pairing With Wines

Always a smart choice with cheese is a selection of carefully chosen wines that complement the variety of cheese.

White wines- a nice un-oaked Chardonnay or a Pinot Grigio goes nicely with a sweeter, creamier cheese. The acidity of these wines provides a nice balance.

Red wines- a dry, full-bodied red wine will complement full-flavored cheeses, such as Parmesan, aged Cheddar or the blue cheese varieties. Pinot Noir is a nice choice to match with a variety of cheeses.

Cheese is a wonderful food for a big party or an intimate get-together. It should be the BIG STAR of your event, displayed prominently and thoughtfully with a cast of supporting accompaniments. Crackers, crusty breads, nuts, apples and dried fruits are just some of the selections that will put the perfect finishing touches on your spectacular cheese table. They will help ensure that your guests leave happy and satisfied, marveling at your cheese expertise!

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