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Nino Salvaggio coffee

Like most of you, we love coffee, even to the point of wanting it as readily available as water from a faucet.

We’ve enjoyed everything from instant to French pressed, in Styrofoam and fine china. From the original Starbucks in Seattle to European java houses, our team has sipped the great, the bad, and the downright ugly.

We’re certainly not alone in our love for this amazing drink. Most everyone on the planet loves this brewed beverage, and everyone has his or her favorite brand or at least has become accustomed to whatever he or she drinks. And when you can’t be with the one you love, you sip the one you’re with. The only thing worse than bad coffee is no coffee at all.

But while you might say you love coffee, do you really love YOURS? Is it something you’ve just gotten used to all these years or is it something you truly enjoy. Does it matter to you?

This is a story about coffee, but it just as well could be a story about everything else that really does matter to you.

Because if you’re a serious coffee drinker (like anything else that might really matter to you), when you’re looking for a better cup of coffee, you take the time to get it right. You take a “sampling test drive,” talk it over with your friends, and sleep on it (or maybe not…if you REALLY love it that much).

Nino Salvaggio coffee

Then, if you really love it, you stick with it, you thoroughly enjoy it, and maybe even brag about it a little to your friends.
Well, at Nino’s, we’re just as serious about our coffee as we are about our award-winning produce, meat and seafood, wine selection and everything else here.

So when it comes to coffee, we know that since our customers have come to expect the best, we need to provide the best, and that means investing our time, money, experience, and passion into buying exceptionally high-quality green beans, that have been harvested fresh, and then roasting them in-house to perfection. It’s only then that it’s worthy of putting our name on it.

We take the art of roasting coffee seriously, roasting it the old-fashioned way, which not only requires the right beans but also the right people and the right equipment. Unlike many other companies that bake their coffee in an electric Sivitz oven, Nino’s roasts its coffee in a rotating drum that’s bathed with an open flame. In this way, the coffee beans actually come into direct contact with the flames that truly roast the beans and unlock their full flavor and aromas.

To illustrate the difference in flavor, which would you prefer, a baked steak or a chargrilled one?

Choosing the right beans for our full-flavored, 100-percent Colombian coffee means Nino’s buys beans harvested only from the Medellin region of Colombia. These beans, grown at 5,000 feet above sea level, are 100-percent Arabica. They’re then hand-picked and sorted to our roaster’s standards.

Sounds nice, but what’s that mean? Higher elevations translate into fuller flavor, and hand-picked means each pound is packed with genuinely ripe beans and not whatever a machine happens to gather. Coffee of this quality maintains its brightness during roasting and exhibits nutty, winey, and caramel notes when brewed.

Whether you’re an occasional drinker or the toughest connoisseur, if you haven’t had the pleasure of a cup of Salvaggio coffee, we invite you to stop in and try a cup.

For your convenience, we have our blends available in whole bean, ground, pre-packaged, or bulk as well as in our convenient one-pot packets. We also have an enormous selection of flavored coffees.

So go ahead, take our Salvaggio Coffee for a spin, kick the tires, and enjoy the ride…

For right around the corner,
There’s a rainbow in the sky,
So let’s have another cup of coffee,
Let’s have another piece of pie.
~ Irving Berlin 1932

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