Tips to Ensure Great Roasting Results

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December is definitely one of the best months to prepare a roast for your family dinner. Whether it’s chicken, turkey, pork, lamb or beef, the savory aroma of a well-prepared roast takes you back to some of the best meals you’ve ever had. Roasts just have a way of making memories. Maybe it’s because we often reserve roasts for large family meals or special occasions, or maybe, they’re just THAT good!

Admittedly, roasts require a slightly larger investment of your time. From the initial pre-heating of your oven to the final slicing, a typical roast takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours. That’s more time than most people are willing to wait to eat once they’ve come home from work, so many people prepare their roasts on a weekend evening.

Having said that, whenever you decide to prepare a roast, it’s time well spent. Even more so once you’ve invested those few short moments to season and get that roast in the oven. It leaves you plenty of time afterwards to do OTHER important things, like relax or maybe enjoy a glass of wine.

And to make that investment pay off with delicious dividends, I’ve prepared Nino’s Roasting Tips, a rather comprehensive guide to the dos and don’ts of roasting.

My easy-to-read, easy-to-follow tips will help you create the perfect roast you pictured in your mind when you first saw that piece of meat in the butcher shop and then imagined it on your dinner table.

In the guide, I have the how to’s on everything from how much to buy, how to prepare, and how to season to how to roast, and finally and MOST importantly, how to know when it’s done!

The only thing you’ll be left to answer is “How did I do without these tips for so many years?”

I also have a guide titled Marinades and Rubs that gives you additional information to help you glam your lamb or other meats with an additional complement of flavor or spice.

And when it comes time to pick out that perfect roast, stop by Nino’s in-store, full-service butcher shop, where you’ll find a terrific variety of roasts to choose from.

We’ll help you to pick a roast that’s just right for your dinner and offer you any additional advice you need. You can also pick up any additional supplies you need, ranging from marinades and rubs to stuffing mixes and your favorite condiments.

It’s all right here at Nino’s, and it’s all good.