Time to Brine?

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At this time of year, you start hearing a lot about brining your turkey.

It’s on the Food Network©, on the morning news, in newspapers and in every food-related magazine at the checkout line from October through November.

Chefs love brining just about as much as they love being the expert on this subject every season. They all have their own favorite techniques and recipes. And for good reason! Brining works!

The bottom line is brining is nothing but good. It can’t hurt your turkey; it can only help it.

Brining isn’t only used for turkeys. It is also used with other kinds of poultry and for pork and vegetables. A pickle, for example, is a vegetable that is brined.

So, just what is brining and why will it make my turkey better?

Brines don’t tenderize. Rather, brining is an age-old technique used to moisten and flavor meats prior to roasting. Quite simply, what brine does is hydrate the meat tissue, and in some cases (like with Nino’s brines), it gives it an additional flavor boost, which after cooking, results in a juicier, more flavorful product.

In the case of your turkey, you’ll find the breast meat more juicy and succulent.

Is there anything different I have to do after brining?

Nope, you can roast, deep fry or grill your turkey as you would have done otherwise. I’d recommend, however, that if you DO choose to roast, you check out Nino’s Turkey Roasting Tips for some additional suggestions that I think you’ll find helpful.

So, how do I brine my turkey?

It’s simple, and to make it even easier, Nino’s has JUST introduced our new Turkey Brining Kit to make brining your turkey as easy as turning on your faucet. (You knew this was coming, didn’t you?)

For $9.99, you get EVERYTHING you need to brine your turkey, including ALL the brine seasonings, a heavy-duty turkey brining bag, and instructions. We’ve even thrown in a copy of our popular Turkey Roasting Tips!

We have two flavors for you to choose from: Savory Herb and Apple Spice, BOTH traditional brine flavors and both delicious.

To brine your turkey with our kit, all you have to do is :

  • Add your turkey to our brining bag.
  • Add 2 gallons of water and the brine mix.
  • Gather together the open end and twist-tie it securely.
  • Shake it a moment to mix the brine.
  • Refrigerate the whole thing about 1 hour per pound. You’re done!

Really? Can it get any simpler than that?

You absolutely HAVE to try brining your turkey this year. We think you’ll agree that the Time to Brine is EVERY YEAR!