Sparty Chicken Dog

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Sparty Chicken Dog
A healthy version of a "Hot Dog", my Sparty Dogs can use either ground chicken or turkey. Choose a spinach lavosh or any Flatbread "wrap" for a sandwich you're sure to enjoy.
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  1. 1 ½ lbs. Ground Chicken
  2. To Taste Salt & Pepper
  3. 2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
  4. 1 – 10 oz. Bag Baby Spinach Leaves
  5. ½ cup Sweet Onion, Chopped
  6. 1 Medium Poblano Pepper, Chopped Fine
  7. 1 Tbsp. Fresh Garlic, Minced
  8. 6 oz. Queso Cheese, Shredded
  9. 4 – 8” Spinach Lavosh
  10. 4 cups Baby Forest Greens (Spring Mix)
  11. As Desired Mayonnaise
  1. Saute onion, poblano pepper and garlic on medium heat until softened. Cool.
  2. Lay out a sheet of plastic film about the size of a piece of paper.
  3. Divide ground chicken in 4 equal amounts.
  4. Place one portion of the ground chicken in the middle of the plastic film and flatten into a rectangle shape of uniform thickness, approximately 5” x 5”.
  5. Season surface with salt and pepper.
  6. Press all excess juices out of the chilled spinach mixture and divide into 4 equal portions.
  7. Sprinkle / spread 1 portion's worth of the spinach mixture on the chicken leaving a ½” border of NO filling all the way around the perimeter.
  8. Sprinkle approximately ¼ to 1/3 cup of the shredded queso cheese on top of the spinach mixture.
  9. Roll the chicken into a pinwheel roll shape by using the plastic film as a tool to lift the leading edge over the filling and then pulling back the plastic film away from the log as you continue to roll forward (or towards you if you find it more convenient).
  10. Finally, after the entire panel as been rolled into a log, roll the plastic film around it and twist the ends to make a firm, sausage shaped roll.
  11. Chill until ready to cook.
  12. To cook the “Sparty Dogs”, heat a grill or flat, non-stick skillet to medium high, spray with a non-stick vegetable spray and cook approximately 5 minutes on each side or until firm, opaque and cooked through.
  13. To serve, cut spinach lavosh to the size of the length of each dog. Spread surface with mayonnaise then top with a small handful of Forest Greens. Place the cooked Sparty Dog at one end of the lavosh and roll up to create a sandwich-like wrap.
  14. Guacamole or avocado slices may be added if desired.
  1. Makes 4 Dogs
Nino Salvaggio