Pan Seared Jumbo Sea Scallops with Orange and Fennel

Serves: 2
Pan Seared Scallops
Cook Time: 10 to 15 minutes

Scallops done right can be the absolute best form of seafood.  However, most home cooks find them so intimidating!  Following these simple directions will give you a restaurant worthy dish in the comfort of your own kitchen.


12 oz Jumbo Sea Scallops (10-12 ea. per lb.), side muscle removed

1 ea. Orange

½ ea. Small Fennel Bulb, Shaved

½ tsp. Honey

½ tsp. Cider Vinegar

1 Tbs. Avocado Oil

As Needed Salt and Pepper


  • Inspect the scallops, making sure the little tail of side muscle is removed, then set pat dry with paper towel. Keep refrigerated until ready to cook.
  • Peel the Orange, removing as much of the outer white layer as possible, then separate half the segments.  Slice the Segments in half, creating two segments, then set aside.
  • Squeeze 2 Tbs of juice from the remaining half of the orange into a small bowl.
  • Add Honey, Cider Vinegar, Avocado Oil and a pinch of salt and pepper then whisk.
  • Toss the Fennel, Orange segments and a pinch of fennel fronds from the top of the bulb in the sauce and all allow to sit while cooking the scallops.
  • Place a saute pan on high heat and add 2 oz of olive oil. You will want to do this number of scallops in two pans, or in once pan in two rounds of cooking.  Over crowding your pan will cause the pan to cool too quickly once you add the scallops, which will prevent a nice sear from developing.
  • Lightly season the scallops then add them to the pan flat side down.  Allow a nice brown sear to develop then flip them to the other side.  Scallops should be cooked until the center maintains just a touch of the opaque coloring. 
  • Place the fennel and orange salad over the bottom of your plates then rest the scallops on top and serve!

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