Rainbow Sherbet Pops with Strawberries and Kiwi

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Rainbow Sherbet Pops with Strawberries and Kiwi
Serves 10
This is a lower-fat frozen treat option for the kids which taste every bit as good as their ice cream counterparts but have a little more nutritional value. Kids will enjoy helping you put these treats together.
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  1. 10 ea. 5 oz. Dixie Cups
  2. 3 ea. Kiwi Fruit, peeled and chopped
  3. 1 Tbsp. Sugar
  4. 1 cup Strawberries, sliced
  5. 2 Tbsp. Sugar
  6. 1 Quart Sherbet (Colorful) or Orange
  7. 1⁄4 cup Orange Juice
  8. 10 ea. Flat wooden craft sticks or similar
  9. 10 ea. 5” Square Aluminum Foil pieces
  1. Arrange cups on baking pan.
  2. In a small bowl combine kiwi fruit and sugar and in a second bowl, the sliced strawberries and sugar. Let both rest for 20 minutes or until sugar is dissolved into fruit.
  3. Divide chopped kiwi fruit among cups.
  4. In a large bowl using an electric mixer on low speed beat together sherbet and orange juice until combined. Spoon sherbet mixture over kiwi and fill cup only half way up.
  5. Divide sliced strawberries among the cups.
  6. Spoon sherbet mixture over the strawberries until cup is full.
  7. Cover each cup with a square of foil. Use table knife to make small hole in center of each foil square. Slide wooden craft stick through each hole and into fruit mixture in cup. Freeze at least 6 hours or overnight.
  8. To serve remove foil; carefully tear away cups and serve immediately.
  1. Makes about 10 - 4 to 5 ounce pops.
Nino Salvaggio https://www.ninosalvaggio.com/