Beef Tips (… just the way YOU like Them!)


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Beef Tips (… just the way YOU like them!) Our beef tenderloin tips, sautéed, and prepared however you like them. Choose the following: Stroganoff style (sour cream sauce), woodlands style (mushrooms, bacon, ham, and sun-dried tomato), Italian style (breaded, served with peppers, onion, and Salvaggio’s Old World Marinara Sauce), teriyaki style (pea pods, bean sprouts, and carrots) or Cajun blackened style (with mango salsa)
* Price per lb is based on pre-cooked weight

Beef Sirloin Tips (…just the way YOU Like them!)
By the pound – $12.99
Medium Tray Serves 10-15: $92.99
Large Tray Serves: $174.99

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