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Spiced Up!

We have often said that the difference between a good chef and a GREAT chef is two things.


…and pepper.

That may be a bit of an overstatement, but any “well-seasoned chef” knows how to season well.

Nothing is more disappointing than a great meal ruined by the lack of seasoning. Sometimes not even salt and pepper at the table can fix a dish that otherwise needed something more.

Great chefs know the “great” secrets, and one of them is to pay a great deal of attention to how their recipes are seasoned–neither too little nor too much. Another secret is how certain herbs and spices work together to become a sum greater than their parts–curry powder for instance.


With that in mind, I worked over the summer to create a collection of 7 NEW seasonings and rubs for Nino’s that I’m very proud of, each carefully crafted to enhance the meats and foods they are designed to partner with, from beef to poultry, fish and seafood. These 7, added to the 3 we launched last year (Nino’s Steakhouse Rub, Peppercorn Sensation & Montreal Style Steak and Grilling Rubs), bring our entire collection to 10. Each one is absolutely unique, and altogether, they are delicious additions to your seasoning repertoire.

Nino’s NEW seasoning blends:

  • No-Salt Savory Rub
    • A blended medley of Mediterranean herbs and spices is the perfect complement to any dish. It contains NO salt, so feel free to use liberally!
  • Burger Blast Seasoning
    • No matter what meat you choose, Nino’s Burger Blast seasoning brings a BOLD blast of chipotle, mesquite and spices to your favorite patty.
  • Asian Teriyaki Seasoning
    • If you have a “yen” for the taste of teriyaki, Nino’s Asian Teriyaki seasoning is a full-flavored blend of soy, garlic, ginger and all the “magical” spices that make teriyaki one of the most popular flavors on the planet. It’s a terrific seasoning for all meats, poultry and seafood.
  • Seafood Splash Seasoning
    • A blend of pink peppercorns, fennel, garlic and basil give a savory “splash” of flavor to your favorite seafood and fish.
  • Traditional Ranch Seasoning
    • If you like “Ranch” anything, you’ll love Nino’s Ranch blend of garlic, dill, celery salt and buttermilk. It’s everything you LOVE about Ranch!
  • Deep South Smokehouse Rub
    • Nino’s “smokiest” rub is a robust blend of smoked, sweet peppers, herbs and spices, making it a “natural” for steaks or any grilled meats.
  • Sedona Southwest Rub
    • All the flavors of America’s Southwest, including cumin, ancho chilies, bell peppers and garlic, are blended together to make this rub a delicious accent to chicken, seafood or beef.

I’m excited to have you try these new products! In the near future, we will sample them in our stores, so you can decide which ones will be YOUR favorites!

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