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Nothin’ says SUMMER like slices of juicy, ripe melon! From picnics & backyard barbecues to the nation’s best restaurants, summer ripe melons are SO delicious and SO versatile that they’re almost impossible to leave them off any menu.

Nino’s Takes Their Melons Seriously!

And if you’re a Melon Manic, like so many of us, you’ll be glad to know that Nino’s takes its melons seriously too! We hustle our buyers down to Detroit’s Produce Terminal early each morning to smell, squeeze, thump and then taste the melons we buy to ensure our customers the highest quality available each and every day WE shop, so that each day YOU shop you can buy with confidence.

Want Choice? Nino’s Has It.

What’s in our stores this week? Well, of COURSE we have Texas, Seedless Watermelon, California Jumbo, Sweet Cantaloupes & Honeydews and the ever popular Mini-Melons that are just right for snacking throughout the week. But did you know that we also carry Pepino Melons, Horned Melons & Korean Melons?? And even more, come Mid-July, look forward to: Crenshaw, Canary, Santa Claus and Honey Rocks!! If you’re counting, that’s over 10 delicious varieties of melons right here at Nino’s.

Too many to choose from? We’ve always got samples available to help you make up your mind. And if you don’t see a sample out, just ask! We love to show off our melons!!

Melon Recipes

To get you started, check out our Melon Mania flyer right here, and learn about all the different types of melon we carry throughout the seasons. We’ve even included some GREAT recipes!

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