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Perhaps no other dinner event of the year arrives with as much anticipation and anxiety.

It’s Thanksgiving dinner time once again! Time to hunt down those favorite recipes, find that big platter that you last remember seeing sometime in the spring, and fish out that trusted turkey baster that, by now, has been pushed WAY to the back of the drawer.

And if you’re like most, it’s probably once again time to decide just how “Mr. Tom” will make it from Nino’s to your dinner table…hopefully, well browned, moist, flavorful, and most importantly…
…on time!

Of course, making matters even more complicated are the food media folks with books, magazines, newspapers, radio, and of course, The Food Network. They’re all cheerfully “helping you” with 100 different ways to make the BEST holiday bird EVER, between commercials for every kitchen gadget imaginable.

Thanksgiving is, after all, THE food event of the year! It’s the food media’s Olympics, its Poultry World Series, and the Gastronomic Super Bowl of family dinners all rolled into one. All the while they dazzle you with a parade of celebrity chefs offering you tips, tricks, and tempting recipes till you’re not really sure WHAT to do with your turkey this year!

Amid all this choice, I’d like to offer you some “simple” advice.

Just relax. Enjoy the day, and MOST importantly, keep it simple. It’s just a BIG chicken that takes a little longer to cook. No worries…I’ve done this before; we’ll get through this just fine–and together.

And to that end, I have some simple tips called Helpful Tips for Your Thanksgiving Day Turkey.

To help you buy, handle, prep, brine, and season to finally cooking and serving your holiday bird, I’ve created this series of short videos to give you the best “essentials” with clear explanations and choices.

I also have some additional information for you on alternative stuffing recipes and just what to do with all those Thanksgiving Day leftovers that can help you make many more memorable meals.

So this year, when you stop into Nino’s and pick up your fresh turkey (and your fixin’s), be sure to grab my helpful cooking guides right at the meat counter. You can also find them all online. They’re packed with all the “simple,” professional advice you need to make this year’s Thanksgiving Day Dinner one to be TRULY thankful for.

From our family to yours, the Nino’s Culinary Team–and all of its employees and owners–wishes you a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!

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