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Of the foods that Americans enjoy the most (in one form or another), there are only a handful that many of us have ever attempted to make on our own.

The most obvious reason is because we know we couldn’t make it better or cheaper or because we don’t have the equipment or the time.

Okay. That’s fair, I suppose.

But what if I told you there was a food you really enjoy that you could actually make better (and cheaper) than most store-bought versions? What if I added that you probably do have the equipment? And, oh yeah, that it only takes about 60 minutes to make?

Well, you might just give it a shot.

Especially, if it was fun to make.

And it is.

Americans consume an awful lot of cheese each year, and of all the cheese choices, we by far eat more mozzarella cheese. In fact, we consume about 35 lbs. per person, per year.

No surprise, huh?

Of course, our beloved pizza is by far and away the main reason this cheese is so popular, even though some pizza chains use brick or provolone cheese instead.

Pete Makes Fresh Mozzarella Cheese and You Can Too

Why are there so few people who make mozzarella cheese at home?

Well, to be truthful, even though it’s one of the easiest cheeses to make (probably a 3 on a 1-to-10 difficulty scale), fresh mozzarella cheese (although it CAN be used as a pizza topping) is more often used for salads or sandwiches or as a snack. The reasoning here is that it’s not the firmer, pressed-loaf, shredded, low-moisture version of the same recipe that takes a bit more time and processing.

So, how easy is it to make Fresh Mozzarella? We made a video to show you how.

Whether you make your own Fresh Mozzarella cheese or buy one of the many brands we have at Nino’s, you might like to know more about this fabulous cheese and perhaps grab a few recipes to show it off.

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