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Super Bowl 2013 (or Super Bowl XLVII for all you Romans) is finally here!! And whether you’re a BIG fan of THE GAME or just like a good party, there’s something in Super Bowl week for nearly everyone.

This year’s Super Bowl pits the Baltimore Ravens and Quarterback Joe Flacco against the San Francisco 49 ers and Quarterback Colin Kaepernick in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday, February 3rd.

It will be the 47th year (for those Romans numerically challenged) that the champions of two football divisions meet to decide just who REALLY is the best–at least this year anyway.

This year’s sub-plots include a first ever, brother coaching against brother with both Jim and John Harbaugh’s teams making the final cut. And will Baltimore’s future hall of famer Ray Lewis go out on top? Will Jim Harbaugh’s quarterback gamble of naming Colin Kaepernick the 49ers starter pay off with a super bowl win? Only time will tell.

And even if you’re NOT a huge football fan, you can still enjoy the excitement and the drama of all the commercials surrounded by a football game for good measure.

And those 30-second spots are going for a record $4 million dollars this year!!! That’s up from just over 3.5 million in 2012.

With that kind of cash on the line, you can bet the ads (some 48 minutes’ worth) will be as amazing and memorable as the plays and the final score.

Speaking of bets, the Super Bowl, true to its “Super” title, is the one game of the year when many parties are “spiced” up with Prop Bets. What’s a Prop Bet? Basically, it’s a proposal of a possibility or likelihood of an outcome. If you correctly predict and bet on the outcome, you win! The best part is you don’t have to know much, (if anything), about football.

Here is a sample of this year’s Prop Bets:

● Will the coin toss turn out to be heads or tails?
● How long will Alicia Key’s rendition of the National Anthem be? (The over & under is 1:51)
● Will their be a safety?
● Will Beyonce (who is this years half time performer) “hit the deck” during her halftime performance. (She’s expected to wear high heels which she seldom does).
● Which player will have the 1st turn-over. (The early favorite is quarterback Joe Flacco)
● In is first interview, who will the game’s MVP thank 1st” a family member, his team, any 1 player, a coach or a “higher being”.
● What will be the result of the 1st coach’s challenge flag (decision upheld or overturned)?
● What color GatorAid will be dumped on the winning coach at game’s end? Will it be orange, red, blue, green, yellow, or clear. Orange is the betting favorite.

And if the game, the commercials, and Prop Bets aren’t enough entertainment, how about the ever-famous Super Bowl halftime show? It’s THE most-watched musical event of the year! Over 153 million viewers saw the 2010 show alone!

This year’s halftime show (as previously mentioned) features Beyonce (with 50 lucky on-stage dancers) PLUS (and you know this was eventually going to happen) a current U.S. President. Yes, Barack Obama will make a cameo appearance. Whether he dances or not is yet to be determined.

Nino’s was considering sponsoring this year’s Super Bowl halftime show but instead chose to spend THAT money on saving YOU money on your Super Bowl party favorites, such as:

  • Nino’s large selection of Super Bowl snack favorites, including bone-in and boneless chicken wings, meatballs, and jalapeno poppers.
  • An enormous choice of chips, dips, (including our NEW house fried tortilla chips and salsa assortments) and all of your favorite brands of beverages, including our outstanding selection of liquors*, which we guarantee to offer at the lowest prices in town! (* Available at the Troy and Clinton Township Locations)
  • Our homemade Take n’ Bake Pizzas (in two sizes) are PERFECT for Super Bowl parties. Just unwrap, bake, and serve. They’re ready when YOU want not when the delivery car decides to show up. And even better, they start at just $2.99 each!

Love to cook and make your own buffet of tasty treats? Here are just a few super suggestions from our recipe collections and Chef’s Choice food guides:

Don’t love to cook? Be sure to check out Nino’s Party Planning Guide or call our store’s Party Planning Concierge, and let us help you plan your Super Bowl party, so you don’t miss a thing…including the ice! And…We DELIVER!!

Enjoy the game everybody!


*Image Courtesy of Dial Global Sports

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