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OK…in a WORLD full of Blogs…why should I read Chef Pete’s Blog?

That’s a good question!…I’m glad I asked…

After 40 years as Chef, Executive Chef, Pastry Chef, Corporate Chef, Culinary Educator and Culinary mentor to more “Culinauts” than you could imagine, I thought I’d offer you a fresh new look at ingredients, cooking, baking, dining and the Detroit restaurant and food scene in general.

From what’s in my own cupboard and refrigerator at home, to the newest and most interesting dishes, gadgets and culinary finds that will inspire you to shop with us at Nino’s and rekindle that love you have for food and cooking.

  • In “Pete’s Picks”, you’ll find topics like: My Favorite Cookbooks, Great Food Websites or my Favorite Detroit Restaurants.
  • Curious of what you might find in a Professional Chef’s refrigerator at HOME? Check out “What’s Really in my Kitchen!”
  • Looking for a cool new ingredient?  “Food Toyz” will bring you some of the trendiest finds from the culinary front.

Whether you are a food creator, or a food appreciator, this Blog is for you and about you. So please, feel free to make suggestions, comments and contributions.

We both love food and we’re in this together.

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