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Things are NEVER boring around here at Nino’s.

Thanks to the seasonal products that come and go throughout the year, there are always new displays, new products, new services, new programs and constant improvements.

It’s an ongoing process, and the landscapes are ever-changing. We love what we do, and we’re always trying to become better to serve YOU better.

Yet with all the changes, we like to involve our customers.

After all, we’re here to serve YOU. What matters to you matters to us.

We have a NEW YOUTUBE channel here at Nino’s.

It’s sort of Nino’s TV.

We’ve already begun shooting videos, some of which you may have already viewed on my or Sommelier Jennifer’s blog posts.

From Turkey Roasting Tips , to How to Make a Soufflé or even How to Taste Wine, we’re adding new videos weekly. Many of them are inspired by questions our customers have asked us over the years.

So here’s where you come in.

Inspired by the long-running TV Series You Asked for It!, which was hosted by Jack Smith and others beginning in the early 1950s, we’re inviting YOU to suggest ideas for our upcoming videos.

What would YOU like us to feature?

Interested in knowing the best way to pick out a ripe melon? Want to know how to keep your flower arrangements fresh longer? Need to know which wines go with your favorite foods? Hoping for tips on how to prepare your favorite foods?

We’d like to hear from you!

How? It’s simple.

Leave me a comment below with your question or suggestion!

While we regret that we may not be able to create a video from every suggestion, if we do use your suggestion, we’ll thank you with an I Love Nino’s apron and a $25.00 Nino’s gift card.

You can view all of our videos on Nino’s YouTube Channel and on our featured blogs and Facebook page.

In the meanwhile, don’t touch that dial! Stay tuned for more Nino’s videos and informative posts from our featured blog experts.

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