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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we know it’s challenging to remember ALL of the things on your TO DO list. There’s much to do as you get ready for one of THE most important family meals on the holiday calendar.

So we’re here to give you a friendly reminder to place YOUR order for that special turkey or ham that’s going to be front and center on your dinner table on Thanksgiving Day.

This year, we’ve got TWO easy ways for you to order.

You can call the Nino’s Butcher Shop and place your order

St. Clair Shores        586-778-3650
Troy                         248-879-9222
Clinton Township     586-412-6000


You can place your reservation online

and our Nino’s Meat Department will have your order ready on the day you want to pick it up.  You won’t even have to deal with getting your credit card out!

You’ll just pay for your order when you stop in to pick it up!

You can choose from any of the following selections–all of which are sold uncooked and ready for your special touches. Or you can choose one of Nino’s “Oven Ready” products, which are prepared and seasoned, with the stuffing on the side ready to pop in your oven. It’s our SUPER-convenient option!

  • Fresh Amish Turkey
  • Fresh Bell & Evans Turkey
  • Oven-Ready Amish Turkey
  • Oven-Ready Turkey Breast (Bone In)
  • Oven-Ready Turkey Breast (Boneless)
  • Turkey Breast
  • Dearborn Spiral-Sliced, Fire-Glazed Hams (half & whole)
  • Winter’s Spiral-Sliced Hams (half only)

Hey! What could be simpler?  Bet you wish Thanksgiving was tonight!

And while you’re thinking of it, be sure to check out Chef Pete’s blog and our Nino’s You Tube channel  for tips and helpful ideas to make this year’s FEAST the best!

And here are the direct links to some of the highlights:


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