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Cash for Cluckers

The only thing better than enjoying one of Nino’s delicious, juicy, Rotisserie Chicken is enjoying them TWICE!  That’s where the “Cash for Cluckers” program begins. Just $5.99 gives YOU a “Cluck” worth your Buck!

And more than that, we’re sharing some of our favorite recipes for Nino’s Rotisserie Chickens so that YOU can enjoy them in many different dishes.  So, next time you stop in at Nino’s, be sure to pick up one (or more than one) of our delicious birds, stop by my blog and try one of these delicious recipes!

Just how good are they??               Rotisserie Chicken

It’s really no secret…the BEST TASTING Rotisserie Chickens start with the best CHICKENS! At Nino’s, we buy the FRESHEST, PLUMP, 3 pound and up ROASTERS, packed on ICE and NEVER FROZEN. Our exclusive recipe seasonings are locally blended, fresh ground and generously applied to each chicken before Rotisserie Roasting  each one to retain their natural juices and to maximize their flavors. Try all of our 5 delicious flavors: Original, Hickory, Cajun, Cowboy and Moroccan!

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