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To complement the assortment of delectable summer wines that Simone gave us yesterday, I thought I would share some wonderful cheese selections with you.

Few food pairings are more luxurious than cheese and wine, especially when the cheese selections are expertly crafted and paired with the perfect wine. That’s why we believe it is so important to share our expertise with you.

There are endless types of cheeses you can enjoy with a multitude of wines to achieve your overall goal of taste and texture. No matter what your personal preferences for flavor and texture, if you ensure that your pairings are matched properly, you and your guests will savor some wonderful tastes as you bask in the glow of the summer season.

Pairing each cheese with the perfect wine enhances the overall experience, whether you choose a complementary pairing that brings out the natural characteristics of the cheese and wine or opt to create a contrast that rounds out the overall experience. Either way, you will achieve a heightened sense of taste and appreciation for one of the greatest culinary treasures: cheese!

Here are a few suggestions:

If you like to sip champagne, you may enjoy pairing Simone’s champagne selection, Baron-Fuente Champagne Grand Reserve Brut, with brie, Camembert, St. Anohe or D’Affinois. These selections have a delicate, creamy texture that enhances the fresh, crispy flavor of this specific champagne.

A nice Rose, like Chateau D’esclans Whispering Angel 2012 Rose (another one of Simone’s selections), makes a delicious, unique pairing with many French cheeses. Be daring and try the Rose with a smooth goat cheese. The wine will enhance the fresh, tangy, slightly salty taste of the cheese.

Another wonderful wine to pair with cheese is Trimbach Gewurztraminer 2009, which is a fruity wine with a touch of spice. You can select a wide range of cheeses to pair with this wine, including cheddar, Fontina, Gouda or Gorgonzola. Since cheddar is often colored with a dye made with annatto seeds, pairing cheddar with the spiciness of Trimbach Gewurztraminer 2009 creates a beautiful dance of flavors.

Below are some key notes about various cheeses. Use them to make wine selections that complement your favorite cheese.

  • A sharp cheddar has a smooth, uniform texture and an acidic/sharp flavor.
  • Extra-sharp cheddar has a smooth texture with strong cheddar notes. It’s known for its distinctive, savory, mouth-puckering flavor.
  • Fontina has a smooth, buttery flavor.
  • Gouda has a fruity flavor and a smooth, buttery texture.

Please remember that cheese is best served at room temperature. Remove your cheese selection from the refrigerator, and let it sit out for one hour before serving. Enjoy!

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