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Rutherford Ranch Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

REG – $59.99

NOW – $29.99

About two weeks ago one of my distributors came to me with a terrific deal.  I could sell a $60 bottle of Rutherford Ranch Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon for $30.  I had never really carried the Rutherford Ranch line before, but I’d always heard good things about the wines and this seemed like a deal that I couldn’t pass up.  I was still a bit skeptical.  I’m well aware of the “California Wine Glut” and have already taken advantage of these types of deals, but the proof is in the pudding right?  To be sure, I had to try the wine.  Later that night I while enjoying a bacon wrapped fillet, I found out that absolutely nothing was wrong with this wine – in fact, it was delicious!  Big, ripe raspberry fruit was the first thing I tasted, and as the wine developed, flavors of chocolate cake rounded out the finish.  The 2 years of French Barrel oak aging are apparent in the rich vanillin nuances and silky tannins. We got in 10 six packs of this “half-off” gem, and they are flying fast!

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