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 Award-winning sushi available daily at Nino’s

The restaurant business is one of the most difficult industries to make it in, with the majority of operations failing within the first few years. Those are tough odds to overcome, but one family has. Not only overcoming them, but blowing those odds away.

For nearly 50 years, through three generations, the Chin family has owned and operated the award-winning Mon Jin Lau restaurant in Troy. They like to call it the “House of Ten Thousand Jewels” – and what a jewel they’ve created since 1969.

Over the past few decades, Mon Jin Lau has become one of Metro Detroit’s most celebrated and premier dining destinations.  They pride themselves on creating traditional and contemporary style dishes by using only the freshest ingredients and taking advantage of their cultural melting pot of chefs from all around Asia – which allows for a high level of culinary innovation.

It’s because of this passion and commitment to quality that we at Nino Salvaggio’s have proudly partnered with Mon Jin Lau since January of 2012.

Today, two grandsons of the restaurant’s founders run the show. Bryan and Brandon Chin took over the reigns from their father, Marshall Chin, in 2006, and there’s been no slowdown in Mon Jin Lau’s success and ability to stay relevant in the ever-changing and competitive Detroit dining landscape.

Bryan and Brandon Chin

Bryan (R) and Brandon (R) Chin, owner/operators of Mon Jin Lau.

My brother and I do a fair share of traveling in order to stay informed on current culinary trends around the world,” said Bryan Chin. “We’ve been all over Europe, parts of China, Hong Kong and Japan, seeking out what other cultures are doing in the kitchen. Once we find dishes that we like, we find a way to put our own unique Mon Jin Lau spin on those that we bring to our menu.”

To put it simply … it’s worked. In just the second year of Bryan and and Brandon taking over, Mon Jin Lau won Hour Detroit’s 2008 Restaurant of the Year and today it continues to be one of the hottest dining options in town.

One its most popular draws over the years has been the variety of sushi found on their menu. It’s always been a top-seller, so the he guys used as the driver to take Mon Jin Lau products outside of its four walls, by offering it at local retailers, including right here at Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace.

For over six years, we have proudly partnered with Mon Jin Lau to conveniently offer our customers the best sushi in metro Detroit. It’s made fresh daily, directly by Mon Jin Lau’s sushi chefs, and is packaged to make it a breeze for you to quickly pick up and  enjoy at your convenience.

“They’ve been great partners since day one,” said Kirk Taylor, President of Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace. “We pride ourselves in offering our customers only the very best products in all categories, and Mon Jin Lau certainly makes it easy to do so when it comes to world-class sushi.”

It’s a successful relationship between two Made-In-Michigan companies, both of which are family-owned and operated, with nearly 90 years of combined experience. It’s a relationship that we at Nino’s highly value and look forward to continuing for many years to come.

Mon Jin Lau sushi chef, Michael.

Mon Jin Lau sushi chef, Michael.

For an interesting twist on healthy sushi, try their Quinoa and Brown Rice options, which are available everyday. And keep a couple things in mind:

  • You can order on the spot and the Mon Jin Lau chefs will prepare your sushi while you wait.
  • For added convenience, order your sushi online or at one of our Deli 1-2-3 kiosks in our stores.

To learn more about Mon Jin Lau, CLICK HERE to read an interview that our Chef Pete previously did with Bryan Chin.

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