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Working at Nino’s is like working with family. And I suppose if you consider how many hours in your day, in your life, that you spend on the job, it’s a blessing that you can say it’s like spending time with family. And that you’ve found a home.

I suppose, then, that my extended family includes all of our local growers and every food product on our shelves that hails from our great state of Michigan.

For all of us fortunate enough to be able to point to our hand to tell anyone where we live, it’s been our “birthright” to be surrounded by so many great food companies making their own contributions to our dinner tables.

Many names are so familiar that we sometimes forget that they’re even Michigan-based companies. Others have become almost national and even internationally iconic. Names on this list include Kellogg’s; Jiffy Mixes; American Spoon Foods; Big Chief and Pioneer Sugar; Gerber Baby Foods (now a subsidiary of Nestles but still located in Fremont, Michigan); and course, in their own food realm, Domino’s, Little Caesars and Big Boy Restaurants.

A little closer to home, another group of large food companies, such as Bettermade Potato Chips; Faygo Soda; Safie’s Pickles; Garden Fresh Salsa/Mucky Duck Mustard; and Sanders and Morley Chocolates, calls Southeast Michigan its home.

Want a great sandwich? You won’t have to look far for your ingredients. Local meat processors like Kowalski, Dearborn Sausage, Rinaldi’s Sausage, Koegel’s, Alexander Hornung and Winter’s can all provide fabulous lunch meats. Add some Pinconning’s cheese (which is legendary), and look no further than our local bakeries like Zingerman’s, Brown’s Buns, Cantoro’s, Russo’s, Tringali’s, Sweetheart, Knickerbocker, Pasquale’s or even Flat Out Wraps for your bread…ALL Michigan companies.

For dessert, if it isn’t one of Nino’s own sweet confections, you have your choice of local sweets from Awrey’s, Achatz, Just Baked, Johnny B’s, and Elwin’s. Then, top it off with one of our local ice creams from Guernsey, Hudsonville, Ashby’s or Ray’s.

Wash it down with a Towne Club Soda, a locally brewed beer, or even a wholesome glass of milk from Calder’s dairy, and you have a truly Michigan meal.

In fact, we have over 2,000 products at Nino’s from local companies. From Billy Bones BBQ Rubs and Hot Rod Bob’s Dressings to Spillson’s Puddings and The Original Zip Sauce–more potato chips, more condiments, and local produce, the list goes on and on…

Being a home-grown, family-owned, Michigan-based company, Nino’s is proud of our long-standing relationship with local growers and all of our Michigan-based food companies.

The next time you stop into Nino’s, spend a moment to notice all of the wonderful, Michigan-made products we have on our shelves.

It’s like spending time with family!

What are your favorite Michigan made foods? Share with me in the comments below!

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