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We all have one. Whether yours is the goofy nuggy giver or the strong, silent type, we all have father figures in our lives. No matter if you call him Dad, Daddy, Pops, or Dadu, Father’s Day is a good time to give back to the man you call, without hesitation, when you need help. What do you get the man who helped you with school projects, taught you how to drive, and gave you your first beer? How do you say, “Without you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today?” Maybe one gift can’t say all that, but sitting down with Dad and sharing a glass of really nice wine may be a good start.

Here are my picks for the best Father’s Day gifts:

Troublemaker1Troublemaker Red Blend Paso Robles, California 
Were you Dad’s little troublemaker? We like to say this wine is so good, it’ll get you in trouble! It’s soft, supple, and full-bodied. Notes of cherry cola, bacon, and coffee are apparent due to oak aging and a fruit-forward mix of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, and Zinfandel. If Dad is grilling this Father’s Day, this is the wine to get!

Caymus40_1Caymus Vineyards 40th Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, California 2012 
Caymus Vineyards produced a special edition, an instant collector’s item, for its 40th anniversary. 2012 just so happened to be a bumper crop for the vineyard too, so we have an amazing price of just $59.99 on it! “2012 will be a new high-water mark for Napa and California,” said Chuck Wagner of Caymus, who celebrated his 40th harvest in Rutherford. “I’d say that it is likely that many vintners have made their best wines ever.” – James Laube Wine Spectator Online Nov. 2013 Normally going for around $80, Caymus is a consistently high-rated and well-known wine that always delivers. Intensely concentrated, with black fruits and layered sweet tannins, this wine is ageable yet could be enjoyed this year with a healthy amount of aeration.

Elijah_Craig1 copyElijah Craig 12-Year Bourbon 
This is a perfect gift for Father’s Day since Reverend Elijah Craig is the true father of bourbon. Storing his spirits in oak barrels that had been accidentally charred by a fire, Craig found that the spent barrels imparted a rich, toasty flavor to the spirit and intentionally charred them hence forth. Medium bodied, this bourbon is a smooth sipper, with notes of spiced fruits, vanilla, and caramel as well as a long finish.

If your dad is a whiskey enthusiast, a great gift would be oak barrels from Oak Barrels LTD. Chef Pete and I have tried out aging our own spirits and we agree: it is too much fun! Chef Pete did a blog about his experience earlier this year. Click here to view it. You can age just about anything in the barrels, from wine to beer to rum, but we both agree that it is best used for whiskey. There are varying sizes and toasting grades, and you can even personalize them!

Though Dad will probably say he doesn’t want anything or that your love is enough of a gift, any of the above gifts will be sure to put a smile on his face.

What has been your favorite Father’s Day gift?  Let me know by tweeting me @ninoswineexpert!

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