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Let’s celebrate April 17th 2019 World Malbec Day! Everyone Raise your glass and join us on a tour of Malbec wine.

Malbec is native to South Western France in Cahors and known as the black grape, usually blended with tannat and merlot. The first vines were brought over from Bordeaux France to Argentina in the mid eighteenth century. Argentina is the most famous place where Malbec is grown.

Malbec is a medium to full bodied wine and can have flavors and aromas of raisins, tobacco, plum, raspberry, blackberry, blackcurrants, vanilla and chocolate.

Here are a couple of my suggestions and please come and check out our huge selection in our wine department here at Nino’s.

Georges Vigouroux Pigmentum Malbec- Cahors 2017

Aromas of red and black fruit. On the palate raspberry and blackcurrants ending with a smooth and spicy finish. Grown on the highest gravely and clay terraces of the Cahors Appellation, situated between the large loops of the Lot River, in the Southwest of France.

One of the finest Malbecs of the Cahors Appellation in Southwest France.

One of the finest Malbecs of the Cahors Appellation in Southwest France.

Domaine Bousquet Malbec 2018- Mendoza Argentina

Made with certified organic grapes. Mushrooms, figs and berry aromas, ending with smooth velvety tannins. This lovely Malbec is grown at about 4,000 feet of elevation, at the base of Argentina’s Andes Mountains.

Domaine Bousquet vineyard, Argentina

The high elevation vineyards of Domaine Bousquet, in Argentina’s Andes Mountains.

Piattelli Reserve Malbec 2017- Mendoza Argentina

One of my personal favorites. Smoky, blackberries and blueberries, ending with a hint of lavender and toasted hazelnuts. Recently scored 91 points!



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