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There are no excuses left; you should try Michigan wines. Do the French and Italians make wonderful wines? Yes. Is California the American leader in acclaim and production of wine? Yup. However, whether or not you live in the Mitten, were born in the D, or just pop in for Big 3 business, you should drink Michigan. With a rate of wine grape growth that has more than doubled in the last decade as well as over 100 wineries, Michigan offers more than enough wines to please the palate of any wine lover.

Contributing $800 million to the Michigan economy each year, not to mention the perks of bustling tourism, Michigan wineries have proven that our Great Lakes state has more to offer than a bowlful of cherries. Governor Snyder has declared April Michigan Wine Month, and many of the winemakers and local restaurants have collaborated for wine events throughout the Metro Detroit area. This is the perfect time to taste what Michigan has to offer. The Michigan Wine Showcase at the Rattlesnake Club on April 15 is a don’t-miss event. This is the event’s fourth year running, and it will bring in over 25 different wineries from all over the state. If you’ve ever wondered about making your own wine in Michigan, this is your chance to ask winemakers how they deal with our tricky climate. World-renowned wine experts and Master Sommeliers Claudia Tyagi and Madiline Triffon host.

Think all Michigan has to offer is sweet? Yes, Riesling is king in Michigan, making up over half of the wine grapes grown. It makes sense, seeing that we are on the same parallel as wine-growing regions of Germany. However, like the Germans, many Michigan wine makers pride themselves on their ability to make bone dry but balanced Rieslings as well as their sticky, sweet dessert wines. Also, flavorful, dry red wines like Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc are making waves while racy Pinot Gris and elegant Chardonnays are winning awards and the hearts of consumers. Just starting to try wine? Try some of the softer, fruitier reds, such as Concord, Marechal Foch, and Chambourcin, that are capitalizing on the surge of sweet red wine drinkers. On the first of April, Mawby released a dry, red sparkling wine called Redd (made in part from Marechal Foch) to kick off Michigan Wine Month, and I can’t wait to try it!

It’s easy to love Michigan, with its beautiful landscapes, fun and exciting water sports, and amazing musical history. When making your travel plans this year, why not add a stop at a picturesque winery? The views and wines are breathtaking.

Some of my favorite wineries to visit include Mawby Vineyards, Shady Lane, 2 Lads, Left Foot Charlie and Chateau Chantal.

What are yours? Share with me in the comments below!

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