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Chefs don’t always have the luxury of driving a luxury car to work. As a matter of practicality, many chefs drive around in basic SUVs. This is not because they have kids to take to soccer games or because they spend their free time camping. It’s mostly because they typically cart around a lot more stuff than most people do.

Until recently, I was no different. For the past 15+ years, I’ve been driving a Ford Expedition. And I’m single.
I love driving the big bus. When I’m not loading it full of props for a television segment or picking up some kitchen equipment from our suppliers to take back to one of our stores, I’m volunteering to load it with cases of produce, grocery items or whatever might need transferring from one location to another.

I would make a great car ad–like the old Timex commercial. It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’–220 thousand miles worth in fact (and still goin’ strong). But big comes with a price. By that, I mean gas mileage–like 12 or so miles to a gallon. That kind of gas mileage over 15 years puts a pretty sizable dent in the wallet. Driving a bus is expensive.

Finally, I decided it was time to do something about that, so I bought an actual car. And I decided my selection had to have not just good but great gas mileage. I ended up buying a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Mine happens to be a Ford C-Max Energi. It gets somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 miles per gallon in hybrid mode, but since it can also run 100% electric for a range of about 25 miles per, I can actually drive it all the way to Nino’s from home (about 22 miles) without using ANY gas. That REALLY extends the gas mileage figure.

Ready for this? The car came new, with a full tank of gas (14 gal.) in January. As I type, I still haven’t put gas in it yet–1600+ miles. Driving an electric vehicle is not only fuel efficient but also fun. When it’s running in full-electric mode, all you hear is the tires humming on the pavement. And when you come

to a stop…silence. It’s a very strange non-sound for sure.

Now, when you buy an electric vehicle, you suddenly notice new things. You begin to notice how many electric vehicles are on the road and how VERY few public charging stations there are out there. And if you ARE lucky enough to find one, you know you’d better grab it quick because occasionally people fight over them like two dogs with an old bone.

I enjoy my new car so much I actually choose to go to certain places JUST because I know there’ll be charging stations available when I get there.


Nino’s Troy (and soon Nino’s Clinton Twp.) NOW has designated Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in our parking lot! Each designated fixture has a 2 – 110 vt (Level 1 wall outlets) especially for our customers to use while they are shopping at Nino’s. You’ll see signs just like this one to let you know just where they are:


Best of all, it’s free!

If you are one of those plug huggers like me, you now have an excuse to relax, catch up on all the news and enjoy shopping at Nino’s even more. Bring along your charging cord and have a cup of coffee while your car gets some free juice. It’s all good.

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