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It’s getting late. You just remembered you have ten things to do tonight after work. There are school activities, oil changes, picking the kids up, taking the family pet in for a much-needed grooming… You know the drill. Busy, busy, busy! Then what? Uh-oh! Dinner! You’re too tired, and it’s getting too late to cook dinner. What do you do? Order takeout!

It’s the end of the day, so why not relax and enjoy your favorite carry-out with a nice bottle of wine? The question is what wine should you pair with your favorite takeout?
Here are my suggestions:

Pepperoni Pizza:

Pepperoni has quite a strong flavor, and it needs a strong wine to counterbalance the flavor.

Feudo Di San Nicola Sangiovese 2014:

Elegant and complex with aromas of spiced black plum and rich earthy strawberries, it’s very approachable with lots of fresh, ripe, dark cherry flavors.

Fried Chicken:

Believe it or not, a prosecco is a perfect match that will cut through the oil, fat and salt in the chicken. Try this one.

Mionetto Prosecco:

On the nose, it smells like golden delicious apples and tastes like white peach and honey.

Mionetto Poressco

Chinese Takeout:

Whether it’s spicy, sweet or sour, a sweet wine with low alcohol would complement this dish.

La Caliera Moscato D’Asti

This one is soft and delicate with aromas of peaches and candied fruit. On the palate, it shows a hint of violets and sage with a sweet creaminess.

La Caliera

I think it is more than possible to match great wines with your favorite takeout, complementing your food choices perfectly.
Try these suggestions and see.

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