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BBQ grilling season

Let us share a few tips to get your season started off right for this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

Hopefully, your grill is in great shape, and it only needs a thorough brushing and wipe down. But if you own a gas grill, don’t overlook your gas connections and regulator. They can become corroded or clogged with debris over the winter, which will not only make your flames burn unevenly but can become a dangerous situation when the ignition finally lights.

Second, consider replacing your grill grates if they have become severely pitted or rusted. While they might still hold up for another season, old, pitted grates just love to grab onto your foods, making it nearly impossible to release your grilled foods without shredding and making them unappealing and unattractive. Grilling grates are relatively inexpensive and a good investment considering you won’t be shredding that chicken breast or ruining that ten-dollar steak.

Up next is the obvious: be certain you have at least a half-tank of propane available for your first use and a full can of non-stick vegetable spray, which is invaluable to prevent sticking.

And when it comes to things to grill, Nino’s Meat Department has created a lineup of some signature products.

First, our homemade Beef and Chicken Burgers already have those who have tried them coming back for seconds year after year. They’re made right in our store from our freshly ground beef and chicken. Our Beef Burgers include Jalapeno Cheddar, Hickory, Bacon Cheddar and Mushroom, and our Chicken Burgers are headlined by our delicious Southwest, Teriyaki, Cheddar and Plain. Available in 4-packs, these seasoned burgers are sure to be a summer hit.

Next up, we have our 8-piece Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken for your grilling convenience. Just take it to the grill, and you’re ready to cook. They’re pre-brined, pre-seasoned and pre-destined to be a family favorite.

Lastly, whether you’re grilling, barbecuing, baking or broiling, you’ll find everything right here at Nino’s. Besides our enormous selection of things to grill, our Gourmet to Go and Produce departments have some awesome salads and side dishes. You’ll also find any type of barbecue sauce, marinade or rub you’re looking for.

Finally, don’t forget the chips, snacks and beverages. It’s all right here.

Stop by soon and let us help you make YOUR grilling thrilling!




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