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We’ve already had a taste of the great summer weather that lies just ahead. Now it’s time to taste all the GREAT flavors of summer grilling by tuning up your grill, breaking out those trusty utensils and platters, and heading to Nino’s to stock up on all your grilling essentials. From steaks, chops, ribs, chicken, fish and aisles of all the best marinades, seasonings and condiments, we’ve got everything YOU need to put together all your favorite recipes and dishes.

And while you’re brushing off the grill grates, you might also want to brush up on some of Nino’s best tips for grilling and barbecuing success! Our informative flyers and articles are packed with professional grilling tips and recipes to improve your results and inspire your backyard cuisine.

Check out these great tips!

Our most comprehensive flyer, Nino’s Guide to Grilling, gives you a complete overview of grilling and barbecuing techniques, from temperatures to products, rubs, marinades and even a few words about safety. It’s good stuff. Love fish? Nino’s Fish Grilling Guide covers topics related to fish grilling. Included are such topics as kabobs, plank grilling and our delicious Fresh Flavor Fillets, which are among the easiest ways to enjoy grilling without all the fuss and bother.

The Marinades and Rubs flyer is specifically about marinades and rubs…right to the point.

If you’re really Puttin’ on the Ritz, check out our flyer entitled Tips for Cooking Lobster Tails and Crab Legs, which covers grilling of these delicacies!

And, if you’re interested in a couple of recipes for unique grilling sauces, I’ve got a couple right here you’ll love.

And once again this year, Nino’s Meat Department has created a line-up of fantastic products. First, our Homemade Beef and Chicken Burgers that already have those who have tried them coming back for seconds, thirds and even more.

They’re made right in our store from our freshly ground beef and chicken. Our beef burgers contain jalapeno cheddar, hickory, bacon cheddar and mushroom, and our chicken burgers are headlined by our delicious southwest teriyaki, cheddar and plain. Available in four packs, these seasoned burgers are sure to be a summer hit with your family and friends.

Next up, returning this year once again, is our eight-piece Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken, which is pre-seasoned and packaged for your grilling convenience. Just take it to the grill and you’re ready to cook. They’re pre-brined, pre-seasoned and a family favorite.

Third on the list are our popular steak rubs in three fantastic flavors. They’re perfect for all those who love their steaks and grilled meats seasoned with a little kick. Our three styles are the Nino’s Steakhouse Grill Rub, Peppercorn Sensation and Montreal Style.


Speaking of steaks, we have a Know Your Steaks flyer to help you select the perfect steak for your grilling. The flyer is also available right at the meat counter in each store. AND no great steak is complete without a tasty Steak Topper! Want some suggestions? Just check out this blog (first published last summer) for 10 delicious recipes and ideas.

And for you barbecue fanatics, Nino’s BEST Barbecue Ribs Recipe EVER is fall-off-the-bone goodness and a recipe that gets a larger following year after year.

Want more tips on grilling pork. We’ve got that covered, too. Just click here.

Whether you’re grilling, barbecuing, baking or broiling, where better to find the tastiest steaks, juiciest seafood or freshest produce than at Nino’s? Stop by soon and let us help you make YOUR grilling thrilling!

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