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Over the years, I have enjoyed both Murphy’s and Guinness Stout on many different occasions, and I have always gone back and forth on which was my favorite. So with St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, I thought I would finally bite the bullet and have a taste off. The reigning world champion Guinness versus the scrappy underdog Murphy’s. Like every Showtime fight night, here is a little background on our fighters.

In the right corner, wearing a jet-black 14.9oz can with gold trim, weighing in at 4.20% Alcohol by Volume, is Guinness Draught! Over 250 years old, Guinness started with a $147 investment that has grown into a multi-million dollar corporation. Handed down from Arthur Guinness throughout the generations, Guinness merged with beverage giant Diageo in 1997. In the year 2000, Guinness opened a jeroboam of champagne. A.W Fawcett, the Chairman of Guinness Exports, donated it in 1958 to celebrate Guinness’ export sales exceeding the home sales. By 2007, people were enjoying ten million glasses of Guinness every day.


In the left corner, wearing a cream-colored 14.9oz can with chocolate details, weighing in at 4% Alcohol by Volume, is Murphy’s Irish Stout! One hundred years younger (brewed by James J. Murphy since 1856 in the small, proud town of Cork), this Irish stout was also acquired by the large conglomerate Heineken International.


Both cans contain a widget, which when the top is popped, expels nitrogen, creating a creamy foam. When poured, Murphy’s takes on a dark milk chocolate color until the tiny bubbles slowly rise into a creamy head. Light in body with notes of chocolate milk and roasted malts, the pallet is silky and the finish is very soft.

Contrarily, the Guinness turns almost black quickly, with an egg-white-colored head that floats perfectly atop it. Denser and more intense, the Guinness is still easy drinking but has a slight bitterness to the finish that is coupled with roasty malts.
The depth of flavor together with a creamy, rich mouth-feel puts Guinness over the top. Murphy’s may be better suited for those who think stouts are too heavy or too rich. After two rounds, the stout that wins my vote is Guinness with a K.O.
Do you have a favorite Stout?

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Jennifer Laurie

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