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Avocados, like tomatoes, are often lumped into the veggie category, when they’re actually fruits. And just like tomatoes, they have much to offer and are versatile enough to keep you eating, and eating well, for quite some time without ever getting bored.

I’m pleased to share with you that we carry fresh avocados right here are Nino’s, and they are much in demand. In fact, we can easily go through 50 cases per week! If you’re not yet as big a fan of avocados as I am, I strongly suggest you get on board. Why? Well, here’s just a little of what the amazing avocado has to offer:

Avocados are unique fruits that pack a serious nutrient punch for your body, providing everything from vitamins C and B-6 to healthy doses of magnesium and potassium. They also contain carbohydrates that help fight off fatigue and energize the body naturally, but most importantly, they contain healthy fats that nourish and protect the body from a wide variety of health conditions. Among those health conditions are inflammation, prostate and breast cancers, cataracts of the eyes and heart disease. Avocados also contain glutathione, a potent antioxidant essential for keeping your skin, hair and nails youthful and inflammatory diseases away. That sounds pretty good to me!

Looking to increase your fiber intake? Well then, the avocado is your new best friend, offering high amounts of fiber, which is essential for keeping the digestive system functioning smoothly and blood sugar levels stabilized. I particularly like this effect since it keeps me from getting hungry too soon and snacking on all those tempting junk foods.

Here at Nino’s, we carry breakers avocados, which are ripe and ready for consumption. As with bananas, we carry conditioned avocados here at Nino’s. Conditioning is a process that helps an avocado ripen to perfection, so it has the best color and texture for eating as is, or for creating delicious meals. The conditioning process can ripen avocados to any stage, ensuring that they are just right for your purposes.

Wondering how to choose a good, ripened avocado? Check for a deepening brown skin and gently press the fruit to see if the fleshy inside caves just slightly. Just a little, though; you don’t want to squeeze it and have it turn to mush. Brown skin and a mushy squeeze mean an avocado is overly ripe.

I hope you’ll stop into Nino’s soon to grab a bunch of fresh, high-quality, delicious avocados. And to entice you, I’m happy to share the following tasty recipes. Enjoy!

Seafood Gazpacho With Avocado & Manchego Cheese 

Chilled Southwest Avocado Soup With Salsa, Shrimp & Crisp Corn Tortillas

Stuffed Artichokes With Shrimp, Avocado & Tomato

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