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I’m not much of a beer drinker. Wine? Well, I like a glass of chilled white on the patio or a nice red with dinner now and then.

When it comes to spirits, Bourbon is definitely my drink, but rum is a close second.

Rum, is perhaps the most friendly dessert liquor there is. Its gently sweet and spicy, molasses notes are well suited to sweets and pastries and occasionally make their way into savory dishes as well.


You don’t have to be a pirate to appreciate rum’s intoxicating flavor. It goes with nearly everything sweet, and that’s not surprising since rum is made from sugar cane.

Also not surprising is the fact that rum goes well with nearly every dessert component grown in the same vicinity or latitude where rum is produced. Items like vanilla, chocolate, oranges, pineapple, bananas, and other tropical fruits are just a few examples. And for you Rum & Coke® fans, even the kola nut grows at nearly the same tropical latitude zone.

Hot weather and rum aren’t strangers; they’re partners.

My go-to summer rum drink is a Hemingway Mojito, so named because legend has it that Ernest Hemingway (while in Cuba) migrated to the sweetness of pink grapefruit juice in addition to the usual lime juice to sweeten his drink. This was in place of some of the cane sugar (since he was diabetic). The medley of rum with citrus and mint is as historic now as it was then. To see a version of this recipe, click here.

Rum-soaked vanilla pound cakes, Baba Rhum, and the equally famous Banana Foster are two of the most famous rum-accented desserts on menus today.

A more recent addition to my rum recipe repertoire is a dessert dip creation I prepared on Fox 2 Detroit recently. My Tiramisu Crème Dip was a huge hit. You can enjoy it with Savoiardi ladyfingers or as a spread on vanilla pound cake.

Tiramisu Crème Dip (Makes 2 Cups)
6      oz.           Mascarpone Cheese
2      tsp.          Instant Espresso (powder or granulated)
1⁄2   cup          Powdered Sugar
1      TBSP       Chocolate Syrup
1      TBSP       Dark Rum

1.Whisk all ingredients together until smooth.
2.Adjust flavoring and sweetness to taste.

Rum can even be used in a salad dressing as I’ve shared my Strawberry Daiquiri Salad Dressing. Tossed with crisp greens and tropical fruits, this rum-infused dressing gives a whole new meaning to the term “salad bar.”

Strawberry Daiquiri Salad Dressing
(Ingredients for 6 Servings)

1 Cup               Sweet & Sour Drink Mix
1 TBSP             Cornstarch
1⁄3 Cup            Rum (Myers’s Dark)
4                      Large Ripe Strawberries
1⁄4 tsp             Rosemary, Fresh, minced fine
1⁄2 Cup            Vegetable Oil
1 TBSP             Cider Vinegar
2 Drops            Red Food Coloring
1 Pinch             Kosher Salt

1. Dissolve sweet & sour mix and cornstarch together, and bring to a simmer in a small saucepan while stirring well.
2. Chill the sour mix.
3. In a blender, combine thickened sour mix with all remaining ingredients, and blend until smooth and creamy.

Summer is THE time to enjoy rum.

Try one of these delicious recipes, and let me know the reactions you get from your friends or family. Remember to drink and serve responsibly.

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