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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Are you ready to party like the Irish?  No matter where you’re from, or what your nationality is, everybody is Irish on March 17th. I always enjoy St. Patrick’s Day because it’s so much fun to hop from pub to pub while eating my favorite Irish grub of corned beef and cabbage. I love the beers and the scrumptious food, and I especially love the cocktails.

Here at Nino’s, we have a wide selection of the most famous Irish beer of all–Guinness. It comes in all different varieties. The Guinness Blonde is a delicious Blonde American Ale. and it’s definitely a crowd pleaser.  New to Nino’s is the Guinness Irish Wheat, featuring flavors of citrus and hints of banana and clove with a refreshing finish that makes you come back wanting more.

Guinness Swirl Shot

Celebrate with your very own Guinness Swirl shot by mixing Crown Royal Vanilla and Guinness Draught Stout together in a shot glass.

Irish Car Bomb

Let’s chug on the famous Irish car bomb, made by dropping a shot of Irish Cream and Irish Whiskey into a pint of Guinness Irish Stout.

Here is the rundown:
1 Pint of Irish Stout
½ Shot of Baileys
½ Shot of Irish Whiskey

Add the Baileys and the whiskey to a shot glass. Pour a pint of Guinness Stout, drop the shot glass into the Guinness and shoot it down.

The party is slowly coming to an end, and now it’s time to wind down from a full day of celebrations. What could be more desirable than a hot cup of Irish coffee?

Irish Coffee

2 2/3 cups Hot Coffee
1 1/3 oz. Irish Whiskey
1 tsp. Brown sugar
1 ½ Parts fresh cream

Pour into a glass and top with cream.

Happy Saint Patty’s Day!



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