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Any special event is more about the creation of memories than anything else. And with Nino’s as your catering partner, parties become a whole lot easier.  When planning a party, it is essential that you know what is needed to be successful.  As a party planning manager at Nino’s, the following are the top 10 questions people ask me:

Q:  I am having a party and want to use Nino Salvaggio’s. What services do you provide?


A:  Nino’s vast selection of trays and platters are simple and easy to serve.  They are a way to build a buffet from appetizers through desserts.  You can start with our popular fruit and vegetable platters, sandwich trays, and dessert trays.  If you are looking for a great package deal, or want to build a custom menu, check out our A la Carte menu section.  Your items can be picked up or delivered, hot or cold.  We also have liquor, beer and wine; a floral department for centerpieces and bouquets; and case-priced produce.  Please reference our current Party Planning Guide.

Q:  My office has meetings once a month. Can Nino’s deliver food for our luncheon?

A:  Nino’s can deliver meals to your office.  We get frequent orders for casual buffets, boxed lunches and sandwich platters.  Most of our corporate customers are tired of pizza and subs, so they contact us for a change.  We can also deliver cold beverages, disposable plates, silverware and dessert.  If you are planning a late-afternoon meeting and would like a wine-and-cheese event, we can make that happen also.

Q:  If I order food from Nino’s, do you bring the food along with chafing dishes and serving pieces?


A:  We consider ourselves more of a drop-off service, with limited setup. Nino’s preferred catering partner C & N Rentals can provide you with one-stop shopping for all your rental and service needs. C & N Rentals will offer you a 20% discount on all equipment rented from them when you order your food from Nino’s. If you prefer, we can provide disposable chafing units and serving pieces with your order for an additional fee.

Q: I’ve never had any food from Nino’s. Can I taste the food prior to ordering for my party?


A: Nino’s does provide tastings for big events. Set up a tasting with the party planner, who can then arrange it with our chefs.

Q:  Can Nino’s customize a menu for my themed party?


A:  Nino’s Party Planning Guide is filled with many options, including international platters and buffets. If you would like some additional assistance with your menu, just call or stop in. Our Party Planning Concierge and our chefs will be happy to help you coordinate your choices and offer professional advice for making your event a success.

  Q:  I am not sure how much food I should order for my event.  Can a Nino’s party planner assist me in deciding the quantity of food I should order?


A:  Estimating your food requirements is hardly an exact science. However, as a rule of thumb, it’s best to err on the side of more food than less. Our platters, trays and entrées have guidelines for how many people they will accommodate. Our Party Planning Guide also includes tips for calculating the quantities you might need. In addition, our Party Planning Concierge and Chefs are experienced enough to assist you in fine-tuning your quantities.

Q: If I should order from Nino’s, will you deliver my order?


A:  Nino’s does deliver. Our delivery fees are based on distance. We charge $20.00 for the first 5 miles and $2 for each additional mile.

Q: I am throwing a party. What should I have on my bar?


A:  Nino’s has a wide array of spirits, from hard-to-find bourbons and whiskies to Michigan-made vodka and gins! If you want to impress your guests with the newest, hippest cocktails, we have all the mixers you need. From ginger beer, falernum, and bitters to McClures and Vivio’s Bloody Mary mix, whatever the recipe asks for, we have it. We also have a well-trained staff to direct you to the spirits that are most popular and necessary for a good bar. In general, you want your bar to be stocked with vodka, rum, gin, a good-quality mixing whiskey, and a good-quality sipping whiskey. Cordials and liqueurs like Bailey’s, Cointreau, and Chambord are good for mixing and make a nice addition. Be sure to have fresh club soda and tonic water, along with ripe lemons and limes, available. Never run out of ice.

Q:  Can Nino’s provide floral arrangements for my bridal shower?  How about my wedding?


A: Fresh and abundant variety is what we’re known for, which is why even florists shop at Nino’s. Our huge assortment of colorful flowers arrive daily from all over the globe. Whether it is a beautiful bouquet for a loved one, a centerpiece for your dining room, or a wedding, Nino’s floral design team has the experience and expertise to create the perfect arrangements and accents.

Q: I am planning my son’s graduation party and I would like to set up a dessert table.  What do you suggest?


A: Graduation parties are just one of the many events we cater through the summer. We have assisted in several dessert tables. From fruit to nuts, we can help build a dessert table sure to be the envy of the summer. I would suggest starting with one of our popular fruit trays, adding in some specialty candies and nuts, and finishing off with some of our cookies and brownies. If a cake is what you would like to add, we can add a sheet cake or several of our specialty cakes to anchor the table and make it a sweet ending to any event.

Once you have set the date, give us a call and let us be your catering partner. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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